In this edition of iMiXWHATiLiKE! we spent the hour with Ericka Blount Danois and Dr. Greg Carr discussing the film Selma, 2014 and the best and worst in media and then also paying tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke* the day after what would have been his 100th birthday.

*See our full Dr. John Henrik Clarke archive HERE


  1. oops… read befor you leap…

    Did I say “I can’t wait to here more”… aiyyieee… I meant, hear, of course… hear more… do more…

  2. I loved this broadcast, and the frankness with which everyone spoke. No sacred cows, but lots of respect.

    With regards to your discussion of the film “Selma”, I was hoping someone would mention the great documentary series, “Eyes on the Prize”, as well as the documentry “Freedom Riders”, not forgetting the wonderful “Fundi: The Ella Baker Story”. All should be staples in classrooms across America.
    This is the first time I’ve listened to your program, and I can’t wait to here more.
    It’s like a breath of fresh air for this African-American exiled in the boondocks of southwest France.
    Merci!… et bonne continuation…

  3. Let me be clear to say that I never made it to the Karenga talk. I was dissuaded by friends through threats of going to jail and had my eggs taken away.

  4. I don’t celebrate kwanzaa for the same reason I don’t celebrate the American declaration of independence. Can dishonorable people create an honorable tradition? Karenga is a villain and that people like him and the killer of Malcolm X have continued to live in peace for decades after they have disrupted our movements is beyond my comprehension. (*ify: I attempted to storm and egg Karenga when he came to talk at my school but folks stopped me lol)

  5. Always good to hear from Dr Carr. Why he does not have his own radio show is our loss. I’m glad that Dr Carr dealt with minstrels performers Chris Rock & Kevin Hart its long overdue. The war correspondent Del Jones, long ago addressed cultural theft in his books, The Cultural Bandits 1 & 2. Aside from the Kwanzaa sham, remember that Karenga allowed himself to be used by the FBI/cointelpro resulting in the deaths of Black Panthers Alprentice Bunchy Carter & John Huggins. Karenga went to the joint for unlawfully detaining & mutilating Dark skinned Afrikan women. YouTube lectures reveal that Dr Clarke did make it personal, & rightfully so, by referring to karenga as a pig.

  6. Has Anyone seen & have a critique of or praise for these 2014 documentaries?:
    – ‘Concerning Violence’: Goran Hugo Olsson’s “tribute to and…illustration of” Frantz Fanon’s 1961 work The Wretched of the Earth – narrated by Lauryn Hill. Olsson also did a 2011 documentary 2011 documentary “The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975″.

    -‘Spies of Mississippi’: Dawn Porter’s PBS documentary look at the vast spy network that Mississippi’s ‘Sovereignty Commission’ developed, often using paid African-American informants — many of them pillars of the Black community — to secretly spy and report on civil rights activities.

    – ‘Freedom Summer’: Stanley Nelson’s documentary about the 1964 ‘Freedom Summer’ movement organized by SNCC, CORE & the NAACP.

  7. I know of no better person to have to speak on Dr Clarke than the Great instructor, scribe and teacher Professor Dr G.K.Carr

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