In this edition of No Hooks for The Hip-Hop Chronicles on WEAA 88.9 FM in Baltimore (12a-2a weeknights) Catalina Byrd and Jared Ball talk about the film Selma and had a great extended interview with Tara Houska of about the largest rally on the grounds of the Washington “racist-name” football team and more!

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  1. Dr. Ball,

    This is not related, the discussion regarding the d.c. football team or “Selma”, however I would like to know if you are aware of “The Harvard Report” said to talk about the destruction of black talk radio? If so, how might I acquire this report so that I can read it.

  2. The Black community should be both embarrassed of this apolitical, sanitized, and ahistorical movie so-called Black film. How could this so-called Black movie can be even remotely considered historically authentic when it’s inaccurate on numerous levels (e.g., devoid of persons and groups who were integral components in this “movement”). More important, this highly deceptive movie is nothing more than another way of these Zionist controlled so-called Blacks from Common, “mammy” Oprah, and “buck dancing” Cuba Gooding along with the other supporting cast members who are literally ignorant about this history. Speaking of outsourcing, it’s an insult to hire foreign born Africans (David [that’s not his given name either and his Western name] Oyelowo and Carmen Ejogo[the same applies to her as well]) to play the role of native born Black Americans. My point; is that you would never see a Jewish director hiring Germans to play the leading role in their movies. Yet, Ms. DuVernay (who probably dates Whites, etc.) has the Chutzpah to do this without any sort of challenge.

    Further, this movie will mollify the guilt that most Whites harbor towards native born Blacks. Not to mention, this movie is nothing more than a Black smorgasbord of “popular performing Blacks” who will continue the legacy of Al Jolson in the 21st century. Only this time, the actors will have authentic Black faces. In other words, I wouldn’t go see this movie even if the corporatist, neoliberal, and war mongering President Obama was paying for the ticket.

    Regarding your guest, Ms. Catalina Byrd, it’s most unfortunate to hear a so-called educated Black woman who virtually made ever effort to support these movies of this ilk in lieu of its plethora of historical weaknesses. Final point, it’s very unfortunate to hear so-called educated Black women serving as mere talking head for White supremacy under the guise of liberalism

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