In this edition of iMiXWHATiLiKE! we talked with Dr. Charles Finch about the African foundations of religion, science and philosophy; we then spoke with Dinizulu Gene Tinnie about Amilcar Cabral; filmmaker Valerio Lopes about his new/free  documentary on Cabral, Cabralista, and Yvette Modestin on Afro-Latinas!


  1. Has anybody noticed that Amilcar Cabral’s name is very similar to Hamilcar Barca (father of Hannibal Barca), the two were both political leaders and entrenched warriors fighting against Latin (Roman + Portuguese) imperial forces? They fought on two fronts, Cabral in Geuinea Bissau and Cape Verde while Barca in Carthage and Spain. Even to the point that when the Phoenicians lost the Punic wars, there is evidence that large groups of them migrated to West Africa and, of course, being Black themselves, they melded into the group already living there (see Eva Meyerowitz’s writings on the Ghanaian civilization to get the research on Punic migration). If one were to believe in mysticism, its almost like Cabral is the reincarnation of the ancient Barca, finishing what he could not previously.

    Just food for thought…nothing serious. I just love the continuity of African culture and our continued existence in the face of European onslaught.

  2. CCORRECTION: The Honorable Minister Malik Shabazz.

  3. This Guilliani quote was created to distract focus from remembering the honorable Minister Malik Shanazz (Malcolm X).

  4. Anakwa Dwamena

    Wonderful to hear about the upcoming work on Cabral. He was one of the few revolutionaries who looked far ahead past the revolutionary movements and begun laying the foundations for the newly liberated nations.

  5. Avery T Blackman

    iMixWHATiLike: The Real!

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