The full Killer Bs Squad was in effect for this special TWO HOUR edition of iMiXWHATiLiKE! We heard from Malcolm X colleague and journalist Peter Bailey about his work with the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) and his being in the Audobon Ballroom the day of the assassination.  We then spoke with author Herb Boyd about the recently published Malcolm X Diaries and controversies and conflict over the ways in which Malcolm X is remembered. After that we spoke with Katea Stitt, program director at WPFW and daughter of jazz legend Sonny Stitt about a recently recovered hand-written letter (see below) from Malcolm X in which he praises her father and the powerful relationship between revolutionary thought and music.  We also rocked a ton of good music from K Hill, Jasiri X, Dj Rebellion, Ice Cube and Jahi of Public Enemy 2.0! All this and more at  Special thanks to DaveyD for helping us produce this show with his previous post on the relationship between hip-hop and Malcolm X!

Malcolm X Letter re Jazz and Sonny StittMalcolm X Letter re Jazz and Sonny Stitt 2Malcolm X Letter re Jazz and Sonny Stitt 3Malcolm X Letter re Jazz and Sonny Stitt 4 Malcolm X Letter re Jazz and Sonny Stitt 5    Malcolm X Letter re Jazz and Sonny Stitt 6

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  1. I was saddened to hear of haki Madhubuti’s financial difficulties, his books-“Black Men Obsolete,Single,dangerous? & Enemies the Clash of races” had a tremendous impact on me when I read them nearly 30 years ago. Best wishes to Brother Haki & his family. Why no mention of CNN’s so-called special on Malcolm X ? The counter insurgency specialist, Zaheer Ali & the disingenuous Cornel West were featured prominently on the “special”.

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