Drummer extraordinaire Billy Kilson joined us for this brief segment on the film Whiplash, jazz, race and, of course, drumming!


“You’re lost, if a young drummer in the household just picks up Buddy Rich and keeps it movin’… you’re lost man, you’re lost.” – Billy Kilson

*Lost at the interview’s end are Kilson’s heads up about his forthcoming jazz trio project and books, including one about his philosophy of drumming.  So stay tuned!

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  1. Re: Comments on Whiplash and its justifications of abuse.

    Hey Dr. Ball,

    Jay (@liarsparadox1 on twitter) here. Upon listening to this segment today, I asked ‘what about the movie’s ethical justification of abuse?’ Part of what made this movie incredibly painful for me to watch is that it hit close to home. I will say that my dad did a similar thing because he thought I could be a genius in mathematics/physics. It actually turned me off both subjects until I went to grad school for philosophy where I had fairly gentle logic and science professors.

    I kind of wondered where I’d be if my dad had been more understanding of why I didn’t practice or didn’t necessarily like the subject. What I meant by my question was that I had expected a harsher criticism of the abuse portrayed in the movie. From what I understood it looks like it was taken as a given (the Charlie Parker myth being described as beautiful or Alan Dawson being psychologically intimidating).

    The abuse between individuals, fathers/children or teachers/children, reflect the wider pattern of abuse in the education system where children’s interests are virtually silenced and remain not understood.

    I hope these few words help somewhat. I generally do like your radio show.


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