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#RunRosaRun: Rosa Clemente Discusses the 2016 Presidential Elections

Rosa Clemente joined us to discuss the 2016 presidential elections and her thoughts about alternative political campaigns.

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0 thoughts on “#RunRosaRun: Rosa Clemente Discusses the 2016 Presidential Elections

  1. Reasons why Blacks, & also Hispanics & even working-class / working-poor women [of any color] should NEVER Back Mrs Billary Clinton:

    Just when / how has Billary ever really been a ‘friend’ to the working-class / working-poor [women & families???
    As AR’s 1st Lady Billary sat on Wall-Mart’s board for Yrs as its legal council. That’s the same Wall-Mart whose Multi-BILLIONAIRE owners [the Walton family] are notorious for paying their [mainly women] workers literal WelFare Wages [many / most Wal-Mart workers must get food-stamps to make ends meet], & are also notoriously anti-union & discriminatory vs its women workers- along w giving them ‘piss-poor’ health-benefits.
    – as FLOTUS Billary backed Her Hubby’s [& Al Gore’s] push for NAFTA, & she [again along w Gore] was a driving force for slick Willy’s Welfare ‘Deform’ act [which like NAFTA was passed in ‘Bi-Partisanship’ w Newt Grinch-witch’s Repug controlled congress]. Of course NAFTA’s been DISASTROUS for the US as well as Mexican & Haitian working-class, just as Clinton’s Welfare Deform’s been DISASTROUS for poor [mainly Black & Latina] moms & their kids in the US.
    – According to Michelle Alexander Slick Willy’s regime [which IMO includes Billary] locked up more Black & Brown folks under the phony ‘War on Drugs & Crime’ paradigm than even the Iran Contra [= Crack-coke] implicated Ray-gun & Bush Sr regime did [Slick Willy bragged about putting an extra 100,000 cops on the ‘Beat'{down].
    – So w a ‘feminist’ ‘friend’ like Mrs Billary Clinton, US workers [especially women] certainly can’t afford any enemies!!!

    Other Billary Low-Lites [low-lifes] re: Foreign Policy: She voted for the Bush-Cheney-PNAC NeoCON’s Iraq Attack [based on LIES] & refused to apologize.
    – She & Obama backed the 2009 coup that deposed Honduras’ constitutionally elected Pres Zelaya.
    – The Billary Clintons’ have played a major role in screwing over Haiti- up till this very day.
    – Killary [I Came, I Saw, He Died. Ha! Ha! Ha!] Clinton’s role [along w OBomber, Sue Rice & Sam Power] in pushing for FUK-US NATO’s phony ‘R2P’ 8 month bombing assault on Libya- which has left what was once Africa’s most prosperous country in total RUINS & CHAOS! And those devastating shock-waves have been felt from Mali to Nigeria, to the Mediterranean [700 – 1100 Africans just drowned trying to escape these devastating conditions] & even Syria [FYI: that place in Benghazi where the US ambassador was killed was a CIA transit point for arms seized from Libya’s destroyed army along w Al-CIAeda linked fighters to be shipped to Syria vs Assad].
    – Billary wanted OBomber to Bomb Syria in 2013.
    – Billary’s State Dept appointee Vicky Nuland’s [wife of Bush-Cheney Repug PNACer NeoCON Bob Kagan] role in ousting yet another democratically elected Pres in Ukraine while backing the rise to power of a RACIST & LITERAL Neo-NAZI Coup regime in Kiev [which apparently Billary supports].

    But IMO the Repugs will field some joker so TERROR-ble, that Black [IE: Obama, et-al], Latino along w ‘liberal’ white Dim talking-heads will have NO problem scaring Black & Brown voters into backing Killary!!!

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