Frantz Fanon and the Fanon Project

June 15, 2015 Jared Ball 0 Comments

From the host, Afrikan Reascension’s website:


Tonight we are blessed to be doing an interview with DR. HATE, a past 2 time president of the dc chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists, member of the FANON PROJECT,  a critical study group doing detailed analysis on the life, works and impact of Frantz Fanon; known for his shows on WPFW, his annual HATE AWARDS shows & at times co-hosting I MIX WHAT I LIKE  w/ Dr. Jared Ball

DR. HATE will be here to add his wealth of detailed Fanon studies to our CONCLUSION of our Fanon series, in which we have been discussing on his chapter in Wretched of the Earth, entitled THE PITFALLS OF NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

Please, let’s make this an interactive show w/ your Fanon questions by calling in @ 760-454-1111

DR. HATE will be giving us 1 hour. After he departs, we will finish the last few pages, summarize & conclude our Fanon series

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