Eddie Conway and Dr. Gerald Horne discuss media coverage of the Charleston massacre and whether the particular focus on the Confederate flag misses the mark when looking to unpack racist symbolism and its impact on society.


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  1. I finally am beginning to understand this – Stars and Bars – to know this, or even to begin to dig into this – creates this feeling of suffocation and isolation that I have never consciously known. As we approach July 4th and get ready for our fireworks celebration, if and when the confederate flags actually do come down, what will have actually changed? What does it mean to be an American? We think we are making these great strides, yet All we are doing is establishing what image of white power is more appropriate in todays time, what symbology we can stomach in order to continue the myth of freedom – so that we can move on with our day, with our lates, with our obedient allegiance to our own oppression.

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