With new announcements about flag removals and anti-Confederacy political posturing we continue our critical coverage of the subject with attorney, activist and author Mr. Kamau Franklin.

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  1. Nixakliel

    My Theory re: The Real Reason Why They’ve NOW agreed to take-down Their ‘Confederate Flag’-
    150 yrs after the Civil War & after at-least 50 – 75 yrs of Staunching defending It:

    Initially SC Gov Nikky Haley gave the same stale lame-ass defense of the Confederate Flag. But then pics of white Racist-Terrorist / mass-murder Demon Dylann Roof posing w the Confederate Flag became public. In the mean time they’re gearing up for the 2016 POTUS campaign, so it’s a sure bet each & every Repug candidate would be asked [some already have been] about their position on the Confederate Flag. Up till SC Gov Haley changed her tune on the issue, most / all Repugs POTUS candidates were bound to also give a similar lame-ass defense of ‘the Rebel Confederate Flag’.

    BUT- IMO some shrewd poly-trickal brain [Karl Rove maybe?] got word to Mitt Raw-money to tweet ‘Time to take it Down’, which of course would then turn it into a non-issue. Otherwise ‘liberal’ Dim talking-heads would literally have a ‘field-day’, every-time a Repug POTUS candidate gave a lame-ass defense of the Confederate Flag, by just showing those pics of Demon Dylann Roof posing w it as a major / main source of inspiration for his Racist Murdering DEED- followed by pics of the Black 9 souls he mercilessly slaughtered in cold-blood!!! BUT Now, by taking it down, they’ve cleverly made it a non-issue!!

    PS: Billary-Killary was 1st Lady of AR for 10 yrs, & I believe AR [on her hubby Slick Willy’s watch as AR Gov] as do most / all Dixie-land states, had / has some iteration of the ‘Confederate Flag’ as part of its official state flag, emblem, seal, &/or license-plate… Oh the Irony!!!

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