Activist and author Eugene Puryear challenges the Fair Labor Standards Act and claims from the president that this will indeed be a benefit to working people.

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  1. AlterNet just had an article called: ‘One of the Most Incredible Weeks for the Progressive Movement in Ages’ [@ / ] Theauthor goes on to name the so-called ‘progressive victories: The SCOTUS court’s ruling in favor of ‘queer’ marriage & Obama{Romney}Care & also current impetus to finally [after 150 yrs] take-down the Confederate flag [this author in his ‘euphoria some-how forgot to mention the SCOTUS upholding the precedense for legal action & protections re: the Fair Housing Ac- humm…t].

    As Dr Ball alludes to, see this segment @ TRNN to see just why the ‘queer-marriage’ was never really a ‘progressive’ issue, but in fact more of a [affluent white] ‘Liberal’ Issue [see Gay Marriage Victory NOT About Equality @ ]

    So now Obama{Romney}Care has been morphed into a so-called ‘progressive’ cause- Huhh WTF! First I thought SCOTUS confirmed the ‘constitutionality’ of Obama{Romney}Care back in 2013. Be that as it may, This may be a victory for Obama & the Corp Dims & their Corp sponsors [FYI: when Obama{Romney}Care passed the stock of ‘Health’ {non}Insurance Corps shot-up], but that don’t make it a ‘progressive’ victory! The author of this article [Rob Kuttner] must have forgotten [or think we have] that real progressives wanted & fought for the roll-out ‘Medicare for All’ [aka single-payer], or at the very least a ‘public option’, which Obama{Romney}Care effectively chopped the legs out from under! [FYI: the first iteration of ‘Obama Care’ was first rolled-out by Repug Mitt Raw-Money as Gov on Mass – Green Party candidate Dr Jill Stein can elaborate on just how well that worked-out]!
    Then there’s the fact that Obama{Romney}Care MANDATES [enforced by the Fed Gov] that EVERYONE MUST Buy “Health {non}Insurance generally from private Insurance Corps- which IMO is the main problem w Obama{Romney}Care & why Insurance Corps just LOVE IT!!!

    Then there’s the ‘Confederate Flag ‘hype’ & along w Obama’s so-called ‘moving eulogy’ to the 9 Black AME Church Goers slaughtered by that racist white-terrorist Demon Dylann Roof… from the article: } ‘Obama in his eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney gave the finest expression of political & moral leadership of his presidency. Obama has spoken this candidly on race only once before as a political leader — when his candidacy was on the line in 2008, in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright affair.’ { During that ‘eulogy’ Obama called for [=: asked that] the ‘Rebel Flag’ should be taken down, which ‘ironically was still Flying-Hi over the University Grounds which was the venue for Rev Pinckney’s memorial / funeral service- Huhh-WTF!!!
    – First of all IMHO there’s soooo many problems w this {mis}’Analysis’ it’s enough to make one’s head-spin & then ‘Holla & Throw-up Their Hands’!!! The idea that we should be ‘celebrating’ as a ‘progressive victory’ that 150 YRS AFTER the end of the Civil War, these jokers finally are acting like they MAY agree to take down that notorious symbol of SLAVERY, Racism & TREASON [aka the Confederate Flag]- but only after this mass-murdering Racist-Terrorist, Demon Dylann, Posted pics of himself posing w the ‘Rebel Flag’ as an obvious symbol of inspiration for his Infamous Racist Mass-Murdering Deed- Is IMO extremely troubling!!!
    -2nd Obama’s been consistently MIA / AWOL on the race-issue [which Kuttner’s above quote sorta admits], & in fact helped propagate that BS FOX-Noise Meme of a so-called ‘Post-Racial USA! Obama’s only addressed the Race Issue 4Xs a either POTUS or running for POTUS- The 1st was as candidate Obama, when he threw his ex pastor Rev Wright under Billary’s & FOX Noise’s bus in route to the Oval Office!!! – He failed to even speak on the issue again till George ‘Killer-ZMan gunned-down unarmed Trayvon in 2012, as Obama was gearing-up for his re-election bid. The 3rd-X was last yr when Killer Cop Wilson gunned-down unarmed Mike Brown, w brought to the fore the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement as Black youth took to & stayed in the streets- refusing to stand-down.
    – So now we have Obama’s 4th-X, but only after this massacre in Charlestown SC of 9 AME Black church-goers by white-racist terrorist Demon Dylann Roof! Yet Kuttner & his ilk think Blacks & ‘progressives’ should be ‘celebrating [a Pyrrhic] victory’ re: the [possible] taking-down of the ‘Rebel Flag’- after 150 YRS!!!
    PS-RE:Obama’s ‘request’ that the ‘Rebel Flag’ be removed from flying atop southern state houses- Mitt Raw-Money already BEAT Obama to the Punch & ‘Stole his Thunder’!!! Romney’s tweet to ‘Take It Down’ is IMO a shrewd poly-trickal move if those Repug govs of Ole Dixie-land states would ‘Just Do It’ [which still remains to be seen]. in the wake of Demon Dylann racist mass-murdering deed, the ‘Rebel Flag’ is a potentially hot-button political issue, as folks gear-up for 2016’s POTUS run. But if southern Repug Govs voluntarily remove the ‘Rebel Flag’- it becomes a NON-Issue.
    As the 1st ‘Black’ POTUS Obama should NOT be ‘requesting & appealing’ [= asking & pleading] southern Govs to ‘Take it Down’, He should be sponsoring a Federal Law Mandating [like his Fed mandate re: Obama{Romney}Care] that ALL Iterations of the Confederate Flag be removed from ALL states’ official flags, emblems, seals, license-plates, etc, etc, etc!!!

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