Tue. May 21st, 2019

No Labor Protections in Obama’s Overtime Plan

Activist and author Eugene Puryear challenges the Fair Labor Standards Act and claims from the president that this will indeed be a benefit to working people.

1 thought on “No Labor Protections in Obama’s Overtime Plan

  1. AlterNet just had an article called: ‘One of the Most Incredible Weeks for the Progressive Movement in Ages’ [@ /www.alternet.org/culture/one-most-incredible-weeks-progressive-movement-ages ] Theauthor goes on to name the so-called ‘progressive victories: The SCOTUS court’s ruling in favor of ‘queer’ marriage & Obama{Romney}Care & also current impetus to finally [after 150 yrs] take-down the Confederate flag [this author in his ‘euphoria some-how forgot to mention the SCOTUS upholding the precedense for legal action & protections re: the Fair Housing Ac- humm…t].

    As Dr Ball alludes to, see this segment @ TRNN to see just why the ‘queer-marriage’ was never really a ‘progressive’ issue, but in fact more of a [affluent white] ‘Liberal’ Issue [see Gay Marriage Victory NOT About Equality @ http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=14117 ]

    So now Obama{Romney}Care has been morphed into a so-called ‘progressive’ cause- Huhh WTF! First I thought SCOTUS confirmed the ‘constitutionality’ of Obama{Romney}Care back in 2013. Be that as it may, This may be a victory for Obama & the Corp Dims & their Corp sponsors [FYI: when Obama{Romney}Care passed the stock of ‘Health’ {non}Insurance Corps shot-up], but that don’t make it a ‘progressive’ victory! The author of this article [Rob Kuttner] must have forgotten [or think we have] that real progressives wanted & fought for the roll-out ‘Medicare for All’ [aka single-payer], or at the very least a ‘public option’, which Obama{Romney}Care effectively chopped the legs out from under! [FYI: the first iteration of ‘Obama Care’ was first rolled-out by Repug Mitt Raw-Money as Gov on Mass – Green Party candidate Dr Jill Stein can elaborate on just how well that worked-out]!
    Then there’s the fact that Obama{Romney}Care MANDATES [enforced by the Fed Gov] that EVERYONE MUST Buy “Health {non}Insurance generally from private Insurance Corps- which IMO is the main problem w Obama{Romney}Care & why Insurance Corps just LOVE IT!!!

    Then there’s the ‘Confederate Flag ‘hype’ & along w Obama’s so-called ‘moving eulogy’ to the 9 Black AME Church Goers slaughtered by that racist white-terrorist Demon Dylann Roof… from the article: } ‘Obama in his eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney gave the finest expression of political & moral leadership of his presidency. Obama has spoken this candidly on race only once before as a political leader — when his candidacy was on the line in 2008, in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright affair.’ { During that ‘eulogy’ Obama called for [=: asked that] the ‘Rebel Flag’ should be taken down, which ‘ironically was still Flying-Hi over the University Grounds which was the venue for Rev Pinckney’s memorial / funeral service- Huhh-WTF!!!
    – First of all IMHO there’s soooo many problems w this {mis}’Analysis’ it’s enough to make one’s head-spin & then ‘Holla & Throw-up Their Hands’!!! The idea that we should be ‘celebrating’ as a ‘progressive victory’ that 150 YRS AFTER the end of the Civil War, these jokers finally are acting like they MAY agree to take down that notorious symbol of SLAVERY, Racism & TREASON [aka the Confederate Flag]- but only after this mass-murdering Racist-Terrorist, Demon Dylann, Posted pics of himself posing w the ‘Rebel Flag’ as an obvious symbol of inspiration for his Infamous Racist Mass-Murdering Deed- Is IMO extremely troubling!!!
    -2nd Obama’s been consistently MIA / AWOL on the race-issue [which Kuttner’s above quote sorta admits], & in fact helped propagate that BS FOX-Noise Meme of a so-called ‘Post-Racial USA! Obama’s only addressed the Race Issue 4Xs a either POTUS or running for POTUS- The 1st was as candidate Obama, when he threw his ex pastor Rev Wright under Billary’s & FOX Noise’s bus in route to the Oval Office!!! – He failed to even speak on the issue again till George ‘Killer-ZMan gunned-down unarmed Trayvon in 2012, as Obama was gearing-up for his re-election bid. The 3rd-X was last yr when Killer Cop Wilson gunned-down unarmed Mike Brown, w brought to the fore the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement as Black youth took to & stayed in the streets- refusing to stand-down.
    – So now we have Obama’s 4th-X, but only after this massacre in Charlestown SC of 9 AME Black church-goers by white-racist terrorist Demon Dylann Roof! Yet Kuttner & his ilk think Blacks & ‘progressives’ should be ‘celebrating [a Pyrrhic] victory’ re: the [possible] taking-down of the ‘Rebel Flag’- after 150 YRS!!!
    PS-RE:Obama’s ‘request’ that the ‘Rebel Flag’ be removed from flying atop southern state houses- Mitt Raw-Money already BEAT Obama to the Punch & ‘Stole his Thunder’!!! Romney’s tweet to ‘Take It Down’ is IMO a shrewd poly-trickal move if those Repug govs of Ole Dixie-land states would ‘Just Do It’ [which still remains to be seen]. in the wake of Demon Dylann racist mass-murdering deed, the ‘Rebel Flag’ is a potentially hot-button political issue, as folks gear-up for 2016’s POTUS run. But if southern Repug Govs voluntarily remove the ‘Rebel Flag’- it becomes a NON-Issue.
    As the 1st ‘Black’ POTUS Obama should NOT be ‘requesting & appealing’ [= asking & pleading] southern Govs to ‘Take it Down’, He should be sponsoring a Federal Law Mandating [like his Fed mandate re: Obama{Romney}Care] that ALL Iterations of the Confederate Flag be removed from ALL states’ official flags, emblems, seals, license-plates, etc, etc, etc!!!

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