Dr. Paula Giddings, author of Ida: A Sword Among Lions, discusses Ida B. Wells and important lessons to be learned from her regarding history and contemporary analyses


  1. Of Course I’ve heard of Ida B Wells, but I must admit I’ve haven’t done enough homework re Her. A fore-runner to Rosa Parks & MLK re: bus boycotts; & even to Malcolm X, Robert Williams & the BPP re: armed self-defense! A ‘founding-mother’ to the NAACP, who showed that the [lame-ass] Excuse of Black men raping white women to ‘justify mass-lynchings was just racist BS!!!

    This is how pretzel-logical this BS rape excuse for lynching was/is: ‘Black women were/are allegedly so loose & promiscuous, that [sex-crazed] Black men risk(ed) being LYNCHED by KKK type Lynch-MOBS, just to rape supposedly ‘virtuous’ true-blue white-women’… Huhh WTF!!!
    -Yet this BS racist ‘Black men raping white-women’ meme persists to this very day!!! Such that Demon Dylann Roof regurgitated it as his excuse to ruthlessly gun-down 9 Black folks in Church!!! 7 of whom were over 45 yrs old [3 were over 70] & 6 of Whom Were WOMEN!!! With one of the 3 male victims being 74 yrs old!!! Thus Demon Dylann’s rape excuse was effectively Inconceivable for at-least 7 out of those 9 Black church-goers he KILLED- & In fact NONE of Them!!!

    PS-FYI: Ms Wells was born in Holly-Springs MS. I’ve got family members who also come from the Holly-Spring MS area, which makes me wonder could there be a family connection?

  2. What a great and enlightening interview about the much unsung Ida B. Wells-Barnett, who was the most prestigious black female journalist in the country during her day. Wells began investigating lynching after three of her friends were killed for running a successful and competitive grocery store. Sounds so much like the bombing of “Black Wall Street”[Tulsa,Oklahoma] and the Rosewood massacre in 1923. The investigating reporting by Wells on the butchering of blacks by whites brings to mind James Baldwin’s consistent identification of the U.S, as a multipersonified menace to one’s sanity and actual life.

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