Nancy Cole, campaign director for the Climate and Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, discusses the latest and revealing research into the false claims of major corporate polluters.


  1. Nixakliel

    Firstly: I went to the & tried to do a search on ‘Climate Deception Dossiers’, & came-up blank. So how does one pull-up this report?

    RE: CGAW / ‘Climate-Change: what’s certain & what’s NOT: It’s confirmed that CO2 levels have been steadily increasing over the last 100 [or even 200] yrs- which coincides w a slight but significant increase in mean global temps over the past 100yrs. It’s also known that CO2 is an significant green-house gas [FYI: The term green-house along w CO2 has been IMO overly demonized. Without the greenhouse effect mean global temps would be a FRIGID 0*F instead of a Mild 59 – 60*F. Also: green-houses are traditionally linked to farming & CO2 is absolutely necessary for plant / crops photosynthesis]
    – Also note that though CO2 is definitely an important green-house gas it is NOT the most import one [nor is methane], but rather Water Vapor [aka clouds].
    – Plus- there’s NO doubt that the King CONG [Coal, Oil, Nuclear & Gas{fracking] industries have vested interest$ in maintaining the $tatus-quo

    What’s NOT Certain / Un-Settled: IMO it’s not even certain re; the alleged 97% consensus on CAGW / ‘climate-change’. A Sept 2014 PEW poll says 87% of US climate scientists &/or meteorologists agree w the premise of CAGW, which though 87% is certainly a solid majority, it ain’t 97% – 98%!!! Other polls [in 2007] show that number to be more in the range of 74% – 84%….
    – It’s also NOT certain if current global temps are indeed the warmest in Earth’s recent climate history. Many say the MWP of 1000 yrs ago was just about as warm, IF NOT WARMER- despite Mike Mann’s Hockey-Stick’.
    – The current 17 yr ‘Pause’ in Global temps [based on actual measurements], call the reliability of IPCC climate models into question [most diverge significantly from the ‘Pause’, almost always well above the Pause’s recorded temps]. IMO it’s noteworthy that the ‘Pause’ went on for at-least 2 [or perhaps 3] previous IPC climate reports [released every 5 yrs], before the IPCC officially confirmed that it was indeed happening.
    – Although the IPCC increased it confidence level to 95% in its AR5 report up from AR4’s 90%; the IPCC significantly reduces its confidence level in these key areas: Link between, extreme weather events [IE: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods & droughts] & CAGW / ‘climate-change’ from over 50% confidence [AR4] to just 20% [AR5],
    The IPCC admitted in AR5 that current climate models fail to explain why Antarctic sea extent has been steadily INCREASING since they began keeping records in 1979- a trend that continues up to the present.
    – IMO CAGW ‘advocates struggle to explain why N.America & Europe have been socked by several harshly cold, snowy winters over the last few YRS [IE: back to back for the US in 2013-14 & 2014-15]. So-called ‘Explanations’ such as the so-called ‘Polar Vortex’ [it used to be called Arctic Cold Snaps] due to ‘global warming’, are IMO lacking & unconvincing or even flat-out contradictory.

    The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS) has just released a report claiming that CAGW / ‘climate-change’ is a more urgent threat than nuclear war, which BAS claims is a relic of the Cold-War past. I don’t know where BAS has been for the past few yrs, but the ‘cold war’ has been heating-up to Cold-War 2.0!. The roll-out of NATO’s so-called missile-defense system by Bush Jr & now OBomber [allegedly for Iran’s non-existent nukes but placed perfectly to take out Russia’s nuke-deterrent land-based ICBMs], along w nuke weapons ‘upgrades’ for both the US & Russian combined arsenal of up-to 14000 – 15000 nukes- Plus the fact that OBomber & NATO seem HELL Bent on provoking Russia into a shooting war over Ukraine- I don’t understand how BAS thinks the threat of nuke war is a relic of the ‘cold-War past!!! If you want to see rapid catastrophic climate-change, let an all-out [or even a so-called ‘limited’] nuke war occur & trigger ‘nuclear winter’- leading to mass global FAMINE for those {un}’Lucky’ enough to survive the initial Nuke Fire-Stormt!!! ‘ironically’ some ‘greens’ [IE: Jim hansen & George Monbiot] insist nuke-power is a [phony] ‘Solution’ to CAGW / ‘climate-change’- even in the wake of the on-going Fukushima nuke disaster!! Some ‘greens’ are even citing the US’ war-mongering / environmentally-destructive / gas-guzzling DoD to try to make their case for CAGW / ‘climate-change’…
    – Prof Nancy Cole cites Cali’s as a ‘green’ example to emulate. when she cites Cali she effectively patting ‘green’ Dim Gov Jerry Brown on the back. But what she did NOT say is that Brown has bought into gas-fracking big-time, such that he along w Obama’s EPA,allows the fracking industry to dump up to 9 BiLLiON gals of toxic fracking-fluid off Cali’s cost EVERY YR!! [is Prof Cole aware of this]! FYI: Gov Brown- Fracking consumes & likely poisons vast amounts of water, yet Cali has been suffering from a drought for the past several yrs!!! So does Prof Cole, like ‘green’ Dim Cali Gov Brown, endorse gas-fracking as so-called ‘green’ [NOT!]??!

    • Nixakliel

      OK I found it [I initially searched the wrong section]. But: Of the 7 documents hi-lighted in Dr Nancy Cole’s report NONE date to 1977 or even 1988:

      Deception Dossier #1: Dr. Wei-Hock Soon’s Smithsonian / Exxon-Mobile Contracts: Dates to 2007
      Deception Dossier #2: American Petroleum Institute’s “Roadmap” Memo: Dates to 1998
      Deception Dossier #3: Western States Petroleum Association’s Deception Campaign: Dates to 2014
      Deception Dossier #4: Forged Letters from the Coal Industry to Members of Congress: Dates to 2009
      Deception Dossier #5: Coal’s “Information Council on the Environment” Sham: Dates to 1991
      Deception Dossier #6: Deception by the American Legislative Exchange Counci [ALEC]l: Dates to 1998
      Deception Dossier #7: The Global Climate Coalition’s 1995 Primer on Climate Change Science: Obvious by the Title
      [see @ ]

      So where are the docs showing that the King CONG industry sector definitely knew about the link between fossil-fuel CO2 emissions & CAGW back in 1977??? I do know that environmental reporter Mark Hartsgaard says that the very first time he heard of the term ‘global warming’, was in 1981 from a Nuke-Power exec in the wake of the TMI nuke melt-down. While many were predicting that TMI would spell the end of nuke power [at-least in the US], according to Hartsgaard- This nuke exec ‘predicted’ that by the yr 2000, fear of man-made CO2 AGW ‘global-warming’ would revive the nuke industry- in the name of fighting CAGW / ‘global-warming’- Humm…
      And it just so happens that the US’ top climate scientist, James Hansen, is a big advocate for so-called ‘green’ Nuke-power as a [phony] ‘solution’ to fighting CAGW / ‘climate-change’.

      • Nixakliel

        } ‘It just so happens that the US’ top climate scientist, James Hansen, is a big advocate for so-called ‘green’ Nuke-power as a [phony] ‘solution’ to fighting CAGW / ‘climate-change’.’ {
        PS: Hansen was for decades the head of a major dept of NASA [he retired from NASA in 2013, where he basically spent his entire professional career]. FYI: NASA began as the civilian PR face of the US’ ICBM missile prog, just as the nuke-power so-called ‘Atoms for Peace’ prog began as the civilian PR face of the US’ nuke weapons prog! NASA is Sooo BIG on nuke power such that- Not only are they contemplating [= researching] nuke-powered rocket-ships, but even nuke powered air-liners & virtually unlimited-ranged ‘strategic’ bombers!! [IMO Both are a VERY BAD IDEA]!!

      • Nixakliel

        As Mark Hartsgaard’s story implies, apparently CO2 linked CAGW / global-warming was basically unheard of outside certain small ‘specialized circles [Hartsgaard’s initial reaction was ‘what’s global-warming?’]. In fact to the contrary, during the mid – late 1970s going into the 1980s there was some / much public discussion & debate about ‘Global Cooling’ & the possible on-set of a new ‘Ice-Age’! [Note this series of main-stream news headlines @ ]!

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