A History of Black Lives Matter

#BlackLivesMatter co-founder Patrisse Cullors discusses the history of BLM, its politics, goals and future.

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Future Focus by Jalil A. Muntaqim: A Movement Veteran and POW Speaks to Young Activists

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Author: Jared Ball
Emancipatory Journalism & Media Jared A. Ball is a father and husband. After that he is a professor of Media and Africana Studies and produces multimedia for imixwhatilike.org. > Dr. Jared A. Ball

1 thought on “A History of Black Lives Matter

  1. Ms Cullors statement that she is a “trained Marxist” is highly problematic, as such a remark is antithetical to Marxist thought itself. It sounds like someone striking a pose and stance and then issuing a warning that “these hands are lethal weapons!” My guess would be that like most who have had a taste of higher learning since the 90’s, their relationship with marx begins and pretty much ends with a surveys course supplemented with Wikipedia….

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