Media critic Jeff Cohen discusses the ups and downs of the Bernie Sanders campaign


  1. ‘Feel the Bern’… Well Im NOT! What ‘Burns’ me up is that so many so-called ‘progressives’ & ‘leftists’, even on supposedly alternative ‘leftist’ sites, are again buying into a Populist ‘sounding’ DIM, as ‘allegedly’ the ‘most progressive’ choice [NO He’s AIN’T]. Cause We’ve heard this same ole SOS ‘News’, warmed over at-least 3Xs- 4Xs or more! And It’s getting quite Stale if NOT out-right STINKY!

    Jeff Cohen claims that Bernie’s the longest serving so-called ‘independent’ US congress member ever. That maybe ‘technically’ so but- Paul Street shows that Bernie’s actually been a de-facto DIM for the last 20YRS! In any event the fact is Bernie’s NOT even running as an ‘independent’ let alone as a ‘socialist’, but as a DIM- DUHH!!! Which that simple fact basically negates Cohen’s [dubious] ‘independent’ hype!!!

    There’s an saying in politics & show-biz that even bad press coverage is generally better than NO press coverage. So on supposedly ‘progressive’ alternative news sites- IE: TRNN, DN!, AlterNet, etc… Bernie’s getting coverage, generally fawningly so [more critically @ TRNN, & especially CounterPunch & Global Research ], & even Donald ‘Duck’ Trump is getting ‘bad’ coverage [@ AlterNet & other ‘liberal-leftist’ sites]! So who is failing to get any coverage at-all? GP Party candidate Jill Stein, let alone other ‘independent candidates even to the ‘left’ of her!!! And the LAME-ASS excuses so-called ‘progressives’ are giving for NOT fawning over her the way they’re FAWNING all over [so-called ‘independent socialist’- NOT!] ‘Feel the Bern’ [yeah they very well get BURNED alright- yet again]-Is because she can NOT get any media coverage [even in the so-called ‘alternative’ media] thus she can NOT win!!! And/Or that she’s not a ‘captivating’ speaker [Oh? -like Bernie really is- NOT!]!! I mean after getting ‘snookered’ by Slick Willy & then Obama, for so-called’ ‘savvy’ ‘progressives’ ala Jeff Cohen, to serve-up the same crap again as an excuse to fawn all over yet another ‘populist’ acting DIM [who ain’t even as ‘progressive’ as Dennis Kucinich or Jessie Jackson], either Cohen & his ilk are just pathetically intellectually LAZY, or their real role is as Dim ‘left’ ‘gate-keepers / sheep-dogs’!!!

    1. PS: Jeff Cohen & his ilk may fancy themselves ‘Progressives’ for Bernie, but all they really are, are Sandernistas- replacing Obama-bots!!!

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