In this excerpt of IMWIL! Brian Kwoba, founder and organizer of the Oxford Pan-Afrikan Forum(OXPAF), scholar and activist joined us this week to discuss his work on the life and politics of Hubert Henry Harrison.

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  1. UHURU! Very informative and enlightening discussion. As an avid appreciator, follower and perpetuator of the works of OUR beloved brothas/ancestors, Marcus Garvey and Elijah Muhammad, this new (for me) or emphasized perspective of Baba Garvey allows me (US) to better strategize the work that must be done and negotiate OUR variances and differences of approach towards OUR (Afrakan) liberation. Asante for this offering. I’m one cat who will be delving deeper into the works and philosophies of OUR brotha/ancestor, Hubert Henry Harrison.

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