Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says the #BlackLivesMatter activist meetings with Democratic party front-runners is ushering in new Black Misleadership


  1. I am confused. When you start to look at yourself as a person, human being that God created and not separate yourself into categories, than I believe we will have no more rascism. Race is a man created word. God did not create races He created individuals! A rainbow of humanity. We must never divide ourselves into groups, but instead, live together. Together we shall stand, but divided we will fall.

  2. I am extremely proud that #blacklivesmatter is calling for candidates to address issues that are inclusive of people of color and widened the focus beyond issues that widen the scope like criminalizing immigrants of color, violence towards women,children of color and others.
    I believe by asking the DNC to address issues that include that impact people of color helps to galvanize the movement and its members to address critical issues impacting minority populations will help them to understand that this movement is broadly focused and push them to talk about things that are glossed over.
    Because We can’t afford to leave other groups who are facing the same issues we face, and hopefully these groups will join the movement in support and see that # Blacklivesmatter is about the humane treatment of people of color and not just about “young African American men” which is easily dismissed as not important.
    We need the support of other minority groups facing similar fates in violence, economic disenfranchisement, marginalization of us in most issues etc.
    I am in full solidarity with this movement’s demands of the DNC looking at issues affecting people of color more broadly. It speaks to the legitimacy of speaking for those who are being impacting, but feel voiceless.
    These demands are about addressing human rights and I am just so glad that this is an inclusive movement because polarization of other groups is what is expected and I think # Blacklivesmatter understands this and saying we will speak about how people of color are being left out and we want the DNC to respectively invite us to the table that these issues be addressed and not just expect our votes without accountability for the numerous life threatening issues that are not talked about in this presidential debate except as one liners.
    I think we have to demand that these critical issues be discussed thoroughly in these debates by Democratic nominees and not have them assume that the vote is theirs just because they are democrats. We want to know what are their strategies about issues facing us just like they address matter about foreign policies or any other critical issues.

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