Politics and Histories of the Million Man March(es)

The Question of Malcolm X

From the politics, economics and histories involved to the on-going question of the assassination of Malcolm X, in this special edition of “iMiXWHATiLiKE!” we followed up on our previous coverage of the march with this more in-depth and critical look at the Million Man March.


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  2. waltermurph

    This 2 part report was weak as hell . I expected way more, How was this a genuine critique when you interviewed two NOI members,one of which is your brother, who cheer leaded the picnic/reunion. We didn’t hear from you, Omali Yetshitela, Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon, Dhoruba Bin Wahad & a host of other radical voices. You tip toed & walked on egg shells around the subject. Dr. Clarke is missed.

    • Yes. Dr. Clarke is missed. First, i m very familiar with Dr. Clarke’s work. Which of his critiques is missing from this piece? Specifically, which? You are very selective and mostly for the negative with your comments and at least (if not always) in this case missing so much information. Ill leave it here, look at the context and timeline of our content here more closely and understand while doing so that not everyone is always able or willing to do whatever you want, how you want, when you want or as publicly as you want. And oh, Dhoruba was already on several times offering his thoughts on this and many issues But what else would you have want said? I hear you on giving the NOI reps a voice, though id like you to lay out why i shouldnt have, but what major egg shell was not cracked by Paul’s comments? and finally, as to hearing from me, being heard doesnt always require talking.

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