The Left, Bernie Sanders and Reparations w Adolph Reed

University of Pennsylvania political scientist Adolph Reed discusses his support for Bernie Sanders, his previous lack of support for Barack Obama and his critique of the movement for reparations


  1. I absolutely agree with the need for the launch of a movement to expand our democracy, making it a system that works for everyone. However I think the question of Reparations is far greater than a “trope,” that speaks to the suffering of Black people, only. I think the demand for Reparations stems from the paradigmatic lie of White supremacy, that has created nearly a worldwide system of class-driven oppression, that has resulted in the diminution of the value of Black AMERICAN life, and the weakening of White American self-esteem. In other words, American racism against Black people has manifested in Black Americans being treated as 3/5 of a human personhood by people around the globe, when they step foot on American soil, and White Americans feeling threatened by the possibility that the circumstances of Black people might be uplifted, so that they are left to compete with us on equal ground. It makes BOTH groups feel vulnerable and powerless. Reparations would “break the ice” in that paradigm, and create the space for real healing. And the actual exchange of money would go a long way in the expansion of the that political revolution that we hope and pray for Bernie’s leadership, to help progressives pull it off.

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