Sanders Will Lose and it Will Be the Fault of Black America!

Executive editor and founder of Glen Ford was back for his Ford Report to discuss the damage done to the Sanders campaign by Black voters wedded to Clinton.


    1. So Hilary is responsible for killing Gaddafi, but we should let the choice for the new head of the U.S. Military be Hilary or Trump? The late great Kwame Ture said that we should strive to make everyone work for the revolution. Do you think anyone on this site really cares about the Democratic Party? For that matter, I don’t think Bernie cares about the Democratic Party. It’s just a means to an end. Again, no one asked anyone to give up their revolutionary principles. It’s just a presidential election, that’s it. Take it for what it’s worth. If white folks want to spearhead a movement for Healthcare for all, a $15/hr minimum wage, and free college, I’ll cast a vote for that! Use what is offered to further your aspirations. And express to your folks to not get caught up in form over substance. Not approaching this vote from a position of powerlessness. I’ve never voted in my life. But I think Bernie is advocating the things Black folks would or should demand as a condition for their vote. And this vote won’t stop me from organizing my folks, it’ll aid in that effort. Gotta be healthy to fight! Gotta have food on the table to fight! And you don’t have to compromise for a simple vote. Unless we’re just anti-white? If so, just say that. That’s a different discussion. And no need to insult anyone because of their opinion. We don’t want to disrespect ourselves or this site if we’re serious about organizing out people.

  1. This video and its title engages in turning on the manipulative Panic Switch of Nixon’s Southern Strategy to get Black Americans to vote out of fear/panic for a candidate who will yet again be useless to us and will in fact, be a catalyst for our further destruction. We voted in droves in the last two elections and it got us absolutely nowhere but into the position of permanent underclass of the United States. It also saw the destruction of the economic liberation of Africa with the destruction of Libya and its Pan-African leader, and visionary, the late Kadaffi.

    TRNN and its surrogates illustrate perfectly why the public no longer trusts “the press” – corporate or otherwise. Dishonest, manipulative, and instead of offering real strategies, you try to steer us into your “socialist” paradigm by attempting to fool us into thinking that real “revolution” will come through Sanders or any other politician. It won’t!

    White liberals, and blacks who work for them, will never share the vision of Black liberation. Instead, they demand that we participate in their broken system and pretend that we can actually get free by choosing the tightness of our chains.

    Shame on you.

    1. Here’s the reality Polo: Trump, Hilary, or Bernie. Trump=a lot of dead people. Hilary=a lot of dead people. Bernie=some chance that there won’t be a lot of dead people. Which one makes sense? I prefer to keep things in perspective. It’s a presidential election. No one asks us to surrender our convictions to/for Bernie. I agree, Bernie won’t liberate us. It’s just a step I believe that’ll help us to move further in the right direction, or to have less lives spared. Is that worth the small amount of time you’ll put into helping Bernie? When Black folks decide to stop paying taxes, I’m with it. Until then, I can’t sit idly while we finance our own oppression.

      1. This comment is a reflection of the weakness, sickness, and utter uselessness of Blacks in politics. You’re actually demanding that we choose which Massa should enslave us or which plantation would be better – instead of offering solutions on how to get off the plantation.

        Mama Harriet, Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser, John Horse, Old Hal, Malcolm X, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, John Brown, all of them – know this – ALL of them are deeply ashamed of you.

        And shame on the coward who actually “liked” your comment.

      2. And btw, don’t wonder in the future why no one respects your vote. The Black vote comes cheap and demands nothing. Hispanics, Chinese, Armenians, Koreans, Jewish, Indian – all of their votes come with a demand and it dictates their voting decisions.

        Black people such as Mr. Jackson come with no demand – he simply hopes that one Massa won’t be as bad as the other Massa.

        I have to remain cautious because I don’t know if you’re one of those campaign workers who go online to leave comments and passively influence votes among the gullible by offering “opinions” or “testimonials” on why you’re going to vote one way or another. You may very well likely be one of those campaign workers.

        Nevertheless, all of you with your “worse than the other” rhetoric are shameful and you lost ALL credibility with Obama.

        I don’t give a damn which plantation you vote for. It’s just painful to see a once great, courageous, and admirable people lose their sense of dignity so publicly.

    1. Brilliant point Sally. You’re exactly right. Hatred is hard to overcome. There’s no one the right hates more than Hilary. Moreover, most of Bernie’s folks hate Hilary! Sadly, she won’t get some of their needed support.

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