Groundings With Our Sisters: Incorporating Black Feminist Lenses

Morgan State University professors Drs. Anika Simpson and Jennifer Williams discuss their varied Black feminist approaches looking specifically at the work of Africana women, the 2016 elections and Beyonce’.


  1. I remember somebody saying “All that is popular is fraudulent” and when paired with Beyonce’s so-called radical performance, once must also remember that she does not write her music nor direct her videos (which was mentioned in the conversation). Now the question is who does and, most importantly, who allowed these things on prime-time television to manipulate the public’s imagination? What is the goal of conjuring these images without context in these forever tumultuous times in an intellectual environment where people do not read and barely even talk to each other about anything of importance?

    And I for one am more than tired of the whole “this-mainstream-event-will-cause-a-wider-discussion” motif in critique spaces. Wasn’t the election of Obama supposed to cause a wider conversation about Blackness in America (along with save humanity from every ill)? Wasn’t the Manning Marable book on Malcolm X supposed to cause a wider discussion amongst college students on the life and legacy of our venerable ancestor? Will Beyonce wearing leather and/or standing on top of a submerged police car with a fist in the air going to spark a wider discussion? No, no, and HELL NO. We will talk and twitter about it for a couple of days, maybe a week if we are lucky, and then go back to the droning life of debt peonage as wage serfs.

    Also, yay for the shout out to the Combahee River Collective! I read that back in college and it has been a minute since I’ve done so.

    1. i hear you and dont agree with several points made by these sisters though i do think room should be made for them to offer their views. though i did see that B is credited with directing Lemonade. to me that production is less an issue than the points of dissemination which are far more highly guarded. so if you make something they distribute they do so with good reason – reasons usually/always that work against us.

      1. I definitely enjoyed the talk and maybe I am far too critical without first being appreciative. The guests were great and they really didn’t have enough time to really flesh out their ideas in the first place. Your guests in general and your whole platform specifically is superb and that is always my underlining/unspoken message before anything else I write. I certainly do not have any other platform to be my analytical self without mainstream and liberal backlash from both strangers and loved ones. I just typed some ideas that first popped into my head (and, as always, trying to limit my word count).

        To close, I love the dialogue and dissemination of ideas that your show(s) allow and I always look forward to hear more!

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