In this special episode of iMiXWHATiLiKE! we feature WombWork Productions. For nearly two decades they have provided Afrikan-Centered social change theatre and performance art for the Baltimore community.

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  1. April Mackay

    Hello thank you for doing all this work I learned about your program from an interview on Empire files. I’m white middle-class woman and I appreciate learning about the reality of race. I guess I’m writing not for a critique but I guess it’s a confusion question I recently listened to your segment on who’s benefiting from Black Death. This is shocking. And is a white woman new to me. I just want to say a possible problem with the reason why people don’t understand this phenomena is because the evidence is fairly new, because of the video phone. Along with our relationship to the police being vastly different than that of African-Americans. It would be nice to have someone on to give white people a action list or a reading list. I saw on Democracy Now in the beginning of this year a speaker who wrote the book romanticizing violence Memoirs from an American skinhead.
    It might be amazing if you could interview someone like this who now works with skinheads and the alt right and the like to bring them back to humanize those people their ideas deem inhuman.

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