0 thoughts on “Adolph Reed on the Pitfalls of Racism and White Supremacy (As Analytical Tools)

  1. I don’t know what’s Bro Reed’s point re Why racism supposedly fails to make sense of patterns of racial Disparities in Police Violence. Is this based a tendency toward Marxism / communism, that ALWAYS elevates class over race??
    In any event IMO this plays right into the FOX Noise type narrative that cops gunning-down unarmed Black [& Brown too] Men, Women, Children & Elders w alarming regularity & near impunity has nothing to do w race, but instead is all about Black propensity to violence & crime!! I’m in a debate right now w other [white] commenters @ TRNN who insist that the cop killings of Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Freddie Brown [& Trayvon too, tho he was killed by wannabe cop, Killer-ZMan], had nothing to do w race & were all even JUSTIFIED!
    IMO Bro Reed’s points about BLM as a copy-write # slogan & that movements can’t be based on press conferences is somewhat valid.
    IMO just as puzzling was Bro Reed’s critique of Dr Frances Cress Welsing upon her death earlier this yr, & also vs T.Coates for making a case for reparations. Bro Reed claimed that Bro Coates made no specific strategies re the reparations issue, yet that NOT quite true, Bro Coates did make at-least 1 specific strategy for some specific individuals [tho NOT for all Blacks in general] re the case for reparations. It seems to me Bro Reed seems to think pushing so-called racially issues re BLM vs Killer-Cops & reparations is ‘too divisive’ [to para-quote Bernie]. Yet everything about race is too divisive for some or even most white folks, including most ‘liberals’ & maybe even many / most so-called ‘progressives’. So do we as Black Folks predicate what we should see as worthy causes, based on what’s so-called ‘palatable’ to most whites??! Plus NOT all whites see BLM & reparations as inherently racially biased & unpalatable, apparently the GP Party’s Jill Stein doesn’t!
    IMO Even more puzzling is Bro Reed’s urging that Black & Brown progressives should vote for Dim Killary Clinton, instead of the GP Party ticket of Bro Ajamu Baraka & Dr Jill Stein. Bro Reed talks about the unique danger that the Trumpocalypse poses as his excuse for supporting Killary, even tho he admits she’s a Lying war-mongering Neo-‘Liberal’- Humm… Well IMO BAR’s Bro Glen Ford has an apt response to that [see @ http://blackagendareport.com/blackagendaradio_17oct16 ], plus there’s the Wikileaks memo of a DNC memo of April 7, 2015 [before Trump even publicly announced his Repug candidacy] that sites Trump, Ted Cruz & Ben Carson as Repugs that the DNC & Billary camp wanted to face-off against in the POTUS race. IMO the significance of this email [see @ https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/1120 & https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails//fileid/1120/251 ] can NOT be over-stated cause NO-One had even heard of that ‘Negro’ Ben Carson, & the presumption in early 2015 was it would be Billary vs Jeb Bush [or maybe Chris Christie or Paul Ryan] in a head to head for the keys to the Oval-Office. Yet it ended up w Trump as the number 1 Repug POTUS candidate followed by Cruz in 2nd place during the Repug POTUS primaries- w Carson actually out-lasting Jeb [who would have thunk that].
    It seems Bro Reed also conveniently ignores that fact that Trump & Slick Willy were long time hang-out Pals, & the word is it was ‘Ole Slick’ who even called Trump up to encourage him to run! IE: This whole Billary vs Trump thing is just a ‘clever’ poly-trickal charade to insure the Clintons’ return to the Oval-Office!!
    Well in any event its obviously now that Trump can NOT win, unless Billary drops DEAD before Nov 8, & even then I’m not sure Trump at this point could even beat her dead-body!! So Does Bro Reed still urge Blacks & progressives to still vote for Killary HRC??!

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