Adolph Reed on the Pitfalls of Racism and White Supremacy (As Analytical Tools)

Recently longtime activist scholar Adolph Reed wrote How Racial Disparity Does Not Help Make Sense of Patterns of Police Violence in which he discusses his views regarding the shortcomings of prevailing analytical approaches within a broader Black Lives Matter movement.


  1. I don’t know what’s Bro Reed’s point re Why racism supposedly fails to make sense of patterns of racial Disparities in Police Violence. Is this based a tendency toward Marxism / communism, that ALWAYS elevates class over race??
    In any event IMO this plays right into the FOX Noise type narrative that cops gunning-down unarmed Black [& Brown too] Men, Women, Children & Elders w alarming regularity & near impunity has nothing to do w race, but instead is all about Black propensity to violence & crime!! I’m in a debate right now w other [white] commenters @ TRNN who insist that the cop killings of Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Freddie Brown [& Trayvon too, tho he was killed by wannabe cop, Killer-ZMan], had nothing to do w race & were all even JUSTIFIED!
    IMO Bro Reed’s points about BLM as a copy-write # slogan & that movements can’t be based on press conferences is somewhat valid.
    IMO just as puzzling was Bro Reed’s critique of Dr Frances Cress Welsing upon her death earlier this yr, & also vs T.Coates for making a case for reparations. Bro Reed claimed that Bro Coates made no specific strategies re the reparations issue, yet that NOT quite true, Bro Coates did make at-least 1 specific strategy for some specific individuals [tho NOT for all Blacks in general] re the case for reparations. It seems to me Bro Reed seems to think pushing so-called racially issues re BLM vs Killer-Cops & reparations is ‘too divisive’ [to para-quote Bernie]. Yet everything about race is too divisive for some or even most white folks, including most ‘liberals’ & maybe even many / most so-called ‘progressives’. So do we as Black Folks predicate what we should see as worthy causes, based on what’s so-called ‘palatable’ to most whites??! Plus NOT all whites see BLM & reparations as inherently racially biased & unpalatable, apparently the GP Party’s Jill Stein doesn’t!
    IMO Even more puzzling is Bro Reed’s urging that Black & Brown progressives should vote for Dim Killary Clinton, instead of the GP Party ticket of Bro Ajamu Baraka & Dr Jill Stein. Bro Reed talks about the unique danger that the Trumpocalypse poses as his excuse for supporting Killary, even tho he admits she’s a Lying war-mongering Neo-‘Liberal’- Humm… Well IMO BAR’s Bro Glen Ford has an apt response to that [see @ ], plus there’s the Wikileaks memo of a DNC memo of April 7, 2015 [before Trump even publicly announced his Repug candidacy] that sites Trump, Ted Cruz & Ben Carson as Repugs that the DNC & Billary camp wanted to face-off against in the POTUS race. IMO the significance of this email [see @ & ] can NOT be over-stated cause NO-One had even heard of that ‘Negro’ Ben Carson, & the presumption in early 2015 was it would be Billary vs Jeb Bush [or maybe Chris Christie or Paul Ryan] in a head to head for the keys to the Oval-Office. Yet it ended up w Trump as the number 1 Repug POTUS candidate followed by Cruz in 2nd place during the Repug POTUS primaries- w Carson actually out-lasting Jeb [who would have thunk that].
    It seems Bro Reed also conveniently ignores that fact that Trump & Slick Willy were long time hang-out Pals, & the word is it was ‘Ole Slick’ who even called Trump up to encourage him to run! IE: This whole Billary vs Trump thing is just a ‘clever’ poly-trickal charade to insure the Clintons’ return to the Oval-Office!!
    Well in any event its obviously now that Trump can NOT win, unless Billary drops DEAD before Nov 8, & even then I’m not sure Trump at this point could even beat her dead-body!! So Does Bro Reed still urge Blacks & progressives to still vote for Killary HRC??!

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