Bruce L. Turner, descendant of Nat Turner, discusses the life and legacy of his great-great-great-grandfather.  This was an event convened by Dr. Otis Williams and the African Psychology Student Association at Bowie State University.

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  1. I actually struggled through Mr. Turner’s entire presentation. The Eurocentric Christianity of Mr. Turner is the antithesis Prophet Nat’s Black Liberation Theology. This guy is actually parroting the “benevolent slavemaster” canard. Nat’s enslaver’s “appeared to have been decent in their treatment of Nat during the 22 years he spent in their ownership… All four of Nat’s owners had been dedicated Methodist’s who actively participated in bringing the teachings of the New Testament to their slaves.” Whew!

    Mr. Turner’s historical revisionism to mesh with his assimilationist narrative was quite incredible: “All people (including Afrikans and Indigenous People) in have lived as free men and free women (in the United States) for more than 150 years.” During the past 150 years Indigenous People have experienced genocide, the theft of land, and refugee status in the US. Over that same period of time Afrikans have dealt with Apartheid, lynching, white supremacist violence in one community after another, Wilmington, NC, Rosewood, FL, Tulsa, OK. e.g., assassinations, COINTELPRO, mass-racial incarceration (via the Drug War & the 13th Amendment), and self-destruction.

    And he’s calling this progress, as evidenced by the election of Barack Obama. Obviously, Mr. Turner had to stop there, because as we all know Obama’s false-Reconstruction was just overthrown.

    Nevertheless, as we always say Bado Mapambano (The Struggle Continues)

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