Kevin Rashid Johnson, Political Imprisonment and Prison Activism

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UPDATE: Please write Kevin and send stamps if possible.  He has been moved again and is like many others is currently suffering additionally due to heat conditions.

Kevin Johnson #0-158039
7765 S. Cr. 231
P.O. Box 628
Lake Butler, FL 32054


Kevin Rashid Johnson is a political prisoner, of the post-“Black Power Era,” “second generation” but a political prisoner nonetheless.  We’ve covered his story here, and in the video below, but you can also just learn all there is and more here at his own website.  And please do visit that site to find ways of helping (financially, media, educationally, etc.) as he continues to suffer – beyond his initial imprisonment – additional violence and a variety of forms of abuse from prison officials.  This most recent piece of art shows he is still, even from within the dungeons, more clear than most as to where we are and what we are facing but it his activism from within the prison walls, and specifically his work as Minister of Defense for the New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter.


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