Six-time congresswoman from Georgia, former Green Party Presidential nominee and professor Cynthia McKinney joined us for an introductory conversation about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Deep State politics.

NOTE: In addition to the works cited in the interview please also see the referenced Collected Works of John Judge where you will also find the piece by Dr. McKinney, John Judge, Leading Change: A Transformational, Quiet Servant Leader.

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  1. Michael Zack

    You Sir, have a voice born for NPR. What an important interview on Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday National Holiday. I’ve met Peter Dale Scott at Pacific News Service, in San Francisco. So interesting, Cynthia speaking about a scism in the “Deep State”, I wish Cynthia’d name names. I would say it’s Rockefeller (Exxon Chevron, Bush/Clinton) vs. Rothschild (Shell Oil, Koch/Trump), with Henry Kissinger (BP) playing the role of Referee; the eternal struggle to carve-up the Global Energy Market (“Origins of American Empire, part 2”, global The only hope for th nation/world, is if they aim their drones at each other, and “fire, fire, fire”. Unfortunately, Rich White Folk are too smart, and have too much to lose, for that; they’ll work-it-out, as they always do, over Golf & Scotch at the County Club, while the rest of us are reduced to Peasantry (if we’re lucky), or Prison Slave Labour (when we’re not).

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