The Black Panther and African Sovereignty

The following discussion was hosted by the good folks at APPEAL Incorporated  and was described by them as follows:

The Black Panther: From Fictional Wakanda to Reality – What Does It Take To Rebuild Powerful, Prosperous and Representative African Nations and a Unified Africa?

The Black Panther movie has captured the imagination of people of African ancestry worldwide. Although the movie focuses on a fictional African country (Wakanda), it deals with real historical challenges that Africans at home and abroad have had to address over the past 500 years.  Themes such as isolationism, colonialism, imperialism, and Pan-Africanism were central elements of the high-powered, cinematic phenomena.  Inspired by the discussions in our community about the fictional African Super nation of the comic books, our panel will discuss and unveil concrete strategies to move us to building prosperity, representation and accountability in African Nations, as well as a genuine Pan African force for a liberated and unified Africa.

The panel featured:

Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs, Author of the book Marvel’s Black Panther: A Comic Book Biography, From Stan Lee To Ta-Nehisi Coates

Dr. Neal Holmes, Professor of Political Science and Pan Africanism

Esi Ramu, African Sovereignty Mental Health Therapist

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