Why is teaching hip-hop important at Historically Black Colleges and Universities? Who owns hip-hop? How does popular culture foster or build intergenerational unity? What are the politics of fame?


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  1. The Revolution Will Be Vocalized

    In the U. S. A. we not only have massive wealth and income inequality, but a power structure which protects that inequality. This same power structure is in the business of devaluing the purpose of the art of Hip – Hop whose initial commitment spoke of liberation for African people . The powers that be , according to Dr. Jared Ball, sought to divorce it from its African experience- in other words deracialize it. However, many progressive black artists embrace a responsibility to use their art or spoken word to move people to a deeper understanding of their lives and the forces that manipulate their lives. According to the writer an scholar, Amiri Baraka: “The most progressive people across the world were rejecting the world they knew, struggling to create the world as New”. So, in safekeeping this continuum, it is essential as Kwame Ture would say– “organize, organize”and help keep hip-hop alive by teaching it at historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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