Mr. Thomas Porter joined us for this edition of Academics In Cars to discuss his own historical record and the politics of popular histories.  Specifically, Porter talked about Dr. King and his time with the King Center and family, John Coltrane, art and more.


  1. Thank you, as always, for bringing rich, thoughtful, necessary (and sometimes amusing) conversation to the world.

  2. Mr. Thomas Porter, an aficionado, comes across in this interview as exuding that same quality of “country preacher cool” that is also attributed to the musician he holds in high esteem: John Coltrane. Mr. Porter furthermore corroborates the sentiments of professor and writer Eddie S. Glaude when speaking on America’s inconsistencies: “Americans often speak of freedom while giving little care to the great legacy of unfreedom at the heart of the American project. We continue to keep separate the American idea and white supremacy”. [ Eddie S. Glaude Jr.– Democracy In Black ].

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