Author and journalist Karl Evanzz joined us again to discuss the newly released and updated special 25th anniversary of The Judas Factor: The Life and Death of Malcolm Shabazz.


  1. heartwarming anecdote.. i think ‘they’ are able to somehow ‘inject’ totally incomprehensible statements and behaviors into formerly trustworthy and admirable individuals. guess that is manchurian candidate stuff. witness sibel edmonds at newsbud.. maybe just my attempt to explain the bizarrely mysterious and devastatingly disappointing.. malcolm has always been a hero of mine, since high school 64=65 when i read haley’s book and drew the cover portrait. like thomas paine said: ‘i am a citizen of the world, my religion to do good. ‘ malcolm was learning/experiencing much greater respect and enlightenment once he travelled abroad amongst world black citizens. i am white, btw.lynn b in maine

  2. Mr. Evanzz appears to have really done his investigative homework for this important book, a must read. It is also essential to know “the vast sums of American taxpayers monies spent to keep Malcolm X under surveillance who was merely fighting for justice for his people; moreover, there seems to be a clear question about intense scrutiny of his activities, while at the same time there was such an apparent inability to protect him.” [ TV show, Like It Is; The Covert War Against Malcolm X ].
    A reflection on Malcolm Shabazz’s humanism: Alex Haley, who co- authored The Autobiography of Malcolm X, recalls a particular evening in November of 1962 or 1963 when Malcolm was indeed feeling some of his burden of his days.”I happened to come upon the fact that the next day was his eldest daughter Attallah’s birthday, and I just knew Malcolm, as busy as he was and as guilty as he was about not spending much time with his family and what not- he just felt awful about that, and he practically revered his wife, Sister Betty, and she just went on taking care of things at home while he was away– I just knew he’d forgot. So that afternoon before the day I knew was the birthday for Attallah I went uptown and bought a large brown doll with all kinds of little frou- frou around her frock, with ruffles and frills and so forth, and I put it into a closet. And Malcolm came that night and we had our regular interview, and when he was getting ready to leave, I just went to the closet and I said– You know, Brother Malcolm, I was just happening to be looking at my notes and I noticed that tomorrow is the birthday for Attallah and I know as busy as you are you simply haven’t had time to stop and pick up something. I knew you wanted to, so I got this for you, and then I handed him the doll. That was as close as I ever saw Malcolm to tears, as he took the doll. He didn’t say much of anything, but I knew he was deeply moved. And then he went on out” [ Incidentally, Attallah is also Haley’s godchild, and she still has the doll. ] —– Malcolm X; As They Knew Him by David Gallen.

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