It was a pleasure to be back again with Ka’ba and WPFW 89.3FM in Washington, DC for this discussion with A. Peter Bailey about Malcolm X, the “missing chapters” of his autobiography and the recent article about it all in the New York Times.


  1. Frank Shulse

    As a man who has observed the machinations of the capitalist empire that is the United States of America for many many years I am astonished that, I believe it was KaBa, was even asking the question whether the USA is a democracy or an empire. That question has been answered. What does an empire do to remove critical voices? It has them killed. It obfuscates their words. It terrorizes their families. It writes their histories. And as far as black vs white in this nation, if you look carefully at the history of this empire and what it has become you will realize that we are all slaves to the Secret Team that runs this system.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this!

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