Given all the latest developments with propaganda and Facebook, attacks on Net Neutrality, and media consolidation hip-hop historian and journalist DaveyD thought it a good time for a fresh look at i Mix What i Like: A Mixtape Manifesto.

ReMiX What i Like! A Fresh Look at iMWiL! w DaveyD


  1. “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free”: Fannie Lou Hamer

    Black people in this country form a colony, and it is not in the interest of the colonial power to liberate them; hence, progressive Mixtape, Hip- Hop artists are seen as threatening the colonizer’s vested interests, whereby they start controlling media and limiting what we hear.

    Beyond beats and lyrical flow,Hip-Hop Mixtape artists speak to marginalized communities the world over resonating with the ethos of resisting exclusion or discrimination and fighting for equity and justice.

  2. Dr . Ball great to hear from you. I’ve been wondering where you been . I’ve always appreciated your program

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