As usual, it was a pleasure joining Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon and their show By Any Means Necessary, this time to discuss responses to Queen & Slim, and a bit about the latest from Dave Chappelle as well.


  1. The late brilliant writer,Toni Morrison once stated: “The artist’s responsibility is towards truth and clarity”.

    At this particular juncture, as filmmakers of color demand the right to tell our own stories, Lena Waithe, the writer of “Queen and Slim,” through conscientious efforts, has laid a model or role for other writers, filmmakers or “witness bearers”to pursue– is that of an urgent, incendiary force for social change!

  2. I would have appreciated a review of Queen & Slim by the killer B crew. It’s interesting that the ADOS people have a unfortunate problem with indigenous Afrikans performing as so -called African Americans.on the screen.

  3. I’m not a moviegoer so my choice is leave the fray for others to maneuver. I totally agree with Dr. Ball in his view on the Fred Hampton story! Let sleeping dogs lie! Spike Lee misled us when he filmed Malcolm X as Dr. Shabazz&family vehemently argued his points on how Malcolm should have been portrayed

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