It was a pleasure joining Kelly Mikel Williams and his show Black Politics Today for a discussion of my forthcoming (June 1, 2020) book The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power.

According to the Nielsen ratings, the 48 Million African-Americans in America spend $1.3Trillion annually, establishing their buying power greater than the 9th largest country in the world. But is this true? Do African-Americans hold much economic power that they can effectuate change in American politics? Can African-Americans presumed buying power, change social justice issues impacting their communities? Will the Black Dollar from the Black community extend to a Black economic force that requires the rest of America to stand a take notice? Tonight we will discuss that and ask Dr. Jared Ball and Journalist, Julia Yarbrough what is and what will be the impact of black buying power in 2020.


  1. It seemed to me as if the individuals you were in conversation with, at times, misunderstood your points. The host seemed to be suggesting that we are just not investing properly to attain wealth, whereas your argument is that we do not really have it to invest “properly”. Please correct me if I have it wrong.

  2. good listen. thank you, Dr. Ball

    use of the short sighted “lo mein loophole” is an interesting example, especially when examining integration (immigration) that ultimately reinforces white colonial imperial illegitimate euranglo-supremacy.

    what if the real myth was/ is that there is zero (or actually exponential collective/ individual moral indebtedness) true “buying” power outside of the plutocratic oligarchy? and buying what, exactly? what if we are simply consumers, wage slaves whose only power, collectively or individually, within the system is submissively, incessantly, providing our collective consent? what if…

    just SAY NO! whats there to lose? nothing. zero. maybe in saying no to reinforcing the current system, we become born. alive who the hell knows? BDS at home
    or continue to do the same thing, because its worked out great, so far, for true owners. keep up the good works

    also: in avoiding what sounds atouch anti-chinese heres some further info –
    if not aware, anti chinese sentiment needs no help…

    in our psychologically/ emotionally/ physically abusive, entitled, exceptional, highly sophisticated racialized ‘democratic’ hierarchical apartheid state, we are all just slaves.

    ‘equal opportun-istas’

    If we are to survive, we must take nothing which is dead and choose wisely among the dying. – Cedric J. Robinson

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