Coronavirus, Imperialism, and Revolutionary Violence

As always, I had a blast joining By Any Means Necessary for a discussion of coronavirus, imperialism, Hunters, Django, and revolutionary violence!

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  1. Conal Bashiri Rose

    A by any means necessary prelude to a country [ U. S. ] seeking more important aspirations, such as building a country for white male landowners.

    Here are often neglected historical anecdotes that people should be cognizant of concerning imperialism’s role in dealing with infectious disease. [ COVID- 19 ].

    “The Europeans were able to conquer America not because of their military genius, or their religious motivation, or their greed. They conquered it by waging unpremeditated biological warfare”: Howard Simpson.

    And let’s not forget the premeditated version that occurred in 1763 when the Seven Years War ended. A war wherein the British fought the French for North America. “Under orders from British General Jeffery Amherst, the commander of Fort Pitts [ Pittsburgh ] gave the attacking Indian chiefs with which he was negotiating, blankets tainted with smallpox from the smallpox hospital. It was a pioneering effort at what is now called biological warfare. An epidemic soon spread among the Indians”; [ A People’s History of The United States; Howard Zinn ].

    And what is new today?

    Is that virulent pathogens - microorganisms that spread disease- can be readily spawned in laboratories. How readily? Using a gene editing process called CRISPR, a biologist in Pakistan or North Korea or 'North America'- my words, can fashion a microbe that mimics the transmissibility and lethality of smallpox with technology ordered on line for less than $200.: [ Forbes: The Threat of Biological Warfare is Increasing, and The U.S. Isn't Ready; April 9, 2018 ].

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