3 thoughts on “The Meaning of Consumption

  1. The following satirical excerpt is derived from the late gifted ‘bluesician’, Gil Scott- Heron’s song/poem – “B Movie”; which reveals the manipulative, exploitative embodiment of capitalism or those who own the means of production: …”As Wall Street goes so goes the nation and here’s a look at the closing stocks:
    Racism is up. Human Rights are down. Peace is shaky. War items are hot. The House claims all ties. Jobs are down, money is scarce and Common Sense is at an all time low with heavy trading”.

  2. I enjoyed the interview, thoroughly. What troubles me is how your (this) point is not common sense among those who consider themselves scholars on one level or another. It could even be looked at as a metaphorical matter of simple physics: a harvest cannot be reaped if there is no one there to first sow it; and in fact, one who only reaps cannot be considered a contributor to a harvest. Universal law. I guess all SENSE ain’t COMMON.

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