[ORIGINAL AIR DATE: JULY 31, 2015] Dr. Joy James joined us for this hour to discuss her work on “Imprisoned Intellectuals” and the particular placement of Black revolutionary women and mothers.*

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  1. Interesting that you “blame your own generation” for the disconnect between black lives matter and the tradition of resistance you believe to be a part. If the blame lies with you and your generation, then couldn’t you galvanize you and your friends and colleagues to bridge the gap? The point of having multigenerational conversations and movements is that we would like to have teachers and elders in the room. However, in almost every BLM meeting I have been to within the DC Metro area, young people are actively asking for elders. People were asking for that during Occupy too. Yet, people from your generation were noticeably absent. My issue as a loyal listener (and reader, including the book) for over 4 years is that you are proficient at hating and critique and much less so at visioning some solutions. I appreciate that part of the solution for you is creating mixtapes and a wonderful archive of accessible information (articles, books, tv and audio interviews) for us to tap into, but the hate is taxing–especially when you are hating on folks begging for help.

  2. Joy James is the truth. I got the impression that shots were taken at Umar Johnson, his legitimacy & sincerity is questionable. I would like the IMWIL crew to give a critical analysis on the Harlem street scholars. Sara Suten Seti, Sa Neter ,Professor Griff & ZaZa Ali among many others have the attention of Afrikan youths as indicated by views in the thousands on YouTube. Not a peep on Ta-Nehisi Coates or his book, it might be a sensitive subject since Paul Coates ,his father published A Lie Of Reinvention. Its a shame that Afrikan people are dependent on Pacifica Radio & Paul Jays Real News & are unable to organize our own media platforms.

  3. I’m agnostic re: Obama getting access to ‘Lucy’s’ actual bones. My view on Lucy’s real significance may differ a bit in any case. BUT…

    What’s really ticked me off about Obama’s address to the AU, is his public ‘Lecturing’ [= public brow-beating] Africans about LGBT issues [IE: accepting ‘queer-marriage’] for at-least the 2nd or 3rd time, & now he throws in Genital mutilation [I’m assuming for girls- NOT male circumcision], domestic violence, force marriage, etc in for ‘good’ measure.
    Like there are NOT other issues for Obama to talk about re: Africa- IE: Rolling-back & Dismantling AFRICOM; begging forgiveness for leading [from ‘behind’] FUK-US NATO’s 8 month so-called ‘R2P’ bombing assault on Libya that’s left what was Africa’s most prosperous country in TOTAL CHAOS; Ditto for his role in encouraging Kenya to attack Somalia- leading to that blow-back attack on Nairobi’s Main Mall; Ditto again for his support for Uganda’s & Paul Kagame’s role in DEVASTATING Eastern Congo [for coltan & diamonds among other things]- which has left at-least 6 Million [mainly women & children] DEAD & led to Mass RAPES [as a weapon of WAR] of Congolese Women & Girls [so how’s that for ‘domestic violence’ ]- yet NO-One’s even claiming that 6 Million, nor 600,000, 60,000, nor 6000 LGBT’s have been slaughtered in Africa in the last 10 – 20 yrs [IMO NOT even 600]! Thus what Obama’s telling Africa is- Africa must accept the US’ & EU’s [‘new’] definition of ‘marriage’ [IE: ‘queer-marriage’], which just became the legalized standard in the US & EU over just the past 10 – 20 yrs! Thus according to Obama, Africa does NOT even have the right to define what’s legal marriage in Africa based on African Traditions & Heritage!!! – Yet Obama’s NOT about to lecture the Saudis [where grown women can’t even go out in public alone, nor drive cars], Egyptians [FYI: over 90% of Egyptian women have suffered female genital mutilation {FGM], nor Pakistanis, Indians [w the World’s highest rate & total numbers of slaves including sex-slavery & notorious cases of domestic-violence / violence against women] nor Turks, etc about these issues, especially re: accepting ‘queer-marriage’!!!

    RE: Female genital mutilation [FGM which I don’t support unlike male circumcision which I do support]- FYI: Obama you need to consult your Kenyan grandmother. I’m sure she’ll tell you that the tradition of FGM in Africa is carried-out by grand-mothers & mothers unto their daughters- IE: Though many African men may support it, they are NOT the ones who carry-on this tradition- but rather African women!!!
    RE: Forced marriage, Obama [& Killary too] really shows his hypocritical colors- FYI: Libya’s late Col Khadaffi, an ex Head of the AU, actually outlawed forced marriage [especially re: polygamy] in Libya, & gave Libyan women unprecedented rights for an Arab-African & Muslim nation. So what did the OBomber & Killary led FUK-US NATO / Saudi-GCC nexus do? They ‘replaced’ [= ‘snuffed- out] Khadaffi w a bunch of Al-CIAeda / ISIS linked hard-core Islamicists who aim to impose Shania Law in Libya!!!

    Re: ‘Domestic violence’- How many mass-shootings & cases of Killer Cops & cop wannabes [ala Killer ZMan] gunning down unarmed Black [& Brown] Men, Women, Children & Elders have occurred on Obama’s watch- which he acts like he’s powerless to stop or even slow-down??? Hell Obama’s DOJ headed by Black AGs won’t even bring charges against [mainly white] Killer Cops whom their home-state jurisdictions let walk ‘Scot-Free’- most often without even a trial! Yet he goes to Africa to lecture Africans about ‘domestic violence’!! The fact is Obama only feels the need / feels ‘free’ to ‘lecture’ [= ‘talk down to’] Black people, either in the US or in Africa, like this!!! What African Leaders at this AU Confab should have done is, took a cue from the late Nelson Mandela upon Obama’s last visit to S.Africa, & ‘declined to meet w him!! IE: They should not have invited to speak to the AU in the first place, but after doing so when he started his condescending / ‘Bill Cosby’ style lecture routine, they should have just walked out- or at-least refused to stand &/or applaud!!!


    There are multiple scientific studies confirming that the ‘genesis’ of Euro-whites, as we now know them [especially those w blonde-hair & blue-eyes], date back NOT more than 6000 YRS [& certainly NOT more than 10,000yrs – FYI: The first one I know who said that whites have only been on the scene for the last 6000 Yrs, was NOI founder Elijah Muhammed over 50 – 60 yrs ago]. Also its been genetically shown that all folks of Euro-Caucasian & Asiatic descent have Neanderthal DNA, w the main exception being folks of African ancestry- who have little to NO Neanderthal DNA!!! One of the main tell-tale signs of this distinction is the African texture of hair vs nearly every other ethnicity. Another sign of their Neanderthal ‘Heritage’ is, white folks tolerance for cold weather compared to most Africans, who of-course can generally better tolerate warm-sunny climates than whites!!!
    Now the typical model [claim] for the fore-runners of whites’ advent in Europe is about 30000 YBP, which, if true, would be about the same time that Europeans’ fore-runners ‘mated’ w Neanderthals [give or take], apparently w some regularity- even to the point of ‘absorbing Neanderthals’ into their heritage!! But if whites advent on the scene in Europe is more like 6000 YBP vs 30,000 YBP, then that suggests their fore-runners’ ‘dalliance’ w Neanderthals took place well AFTER 30,000 YBP [more like 6000 – 5000 YBP]!!!

  4. I enjoyed listening this morning. I wonder about two things. Does Joy James think that the state is one thing? I think it’s very important to distinguish between the component parts of the U.S. federal structure. The Neoconfederate inner state and the Obama administration are not the same. I wish that Obama could admit that he has been stymied at almost every turn by a set of perverse “checks and balances.”

    Secondly, I wouldn’t argue that European culture emerged from the Neanderthals. The Neanderthals, I think, lost out to Homo Sapiens, and it might actually have been genocide. Not a good model for beloved community. Africans, Europeans, and Asians are all descended from the same ancestors,

    1. “To this day, individuals of European and Asian heritage retain Neanderthal DNA in their genomes, but whether or not Neanderthals went extinct or simply were absorbed into the modern human population remains a matter of definition, senior author Svante Pääbo told Discovery News.

      “Some Neanderthals clearly became incorporated in modern human societies,” said Pääbo, director of the Department of Evolutionary Genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. “It is still unclear exactly how much of the complete Neanderthal genome exists today in people, but it seems to approach something like 40 percent.”

      “But, of course, the Neanderthals are clearly extinct in the sense that they do not exist as an independent, separate group since some 30,000 or 40,000 years.”

      David Reich from Harvard Medical School coordinated the population genetic analysis of the study, which was an international effort. At the center of the research were the remains of the man, named “Oase 1,” unearthed at a cave system called Peștera cu Oase in Romania.

      The researchers believe that the man derived from the same expansion out of Africa as other modern people, but was likely to have been part of an early “pioneer foray into Europe,” ahead of other migrations that were to come later.”

      From the last linked article….

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