This International Solidarity Webinar was convened by the University of Tehran and the International Association of Muslim University Professors. View all of the presentations which included Professors Gerald Horne, Joseph Richardson, Richard Falk and more!


  1. Right On! Internationalism is where it’s at. It was Cuban & Afro Cuban along with Venezuelan internationalism that advanced the cause of Afrikan people. Where was Pan Africanism when the apartheid army of so-called South Africa invaded Angola? Cuban internationalism stepped up & confronted the so-called Afrikaners..

  2. Walter l

    We’re waiting for your analysis, comments on the recent spontaneous insurrections. Unless I missed it , where was Skip Coon on the book party? When are you bringing Dhoruba Bin Wahad back to the program. Brother Wahad made stupid sense on the Renegade podcast. Keep up the good work.

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