1. The development of community and economic self – help: the solution to the racial wealth gap?

    Dr. Huey P Newton's treatise on Black capitalism corroborates the myth that black communities could ever accumulate

    wealth in a segregated economy; in other words, confirming "The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power"!

    “Black capitalism is represented as a step toward Black liberation. It isn’t. It is giant strides away from liberation. No black capi-

    talists can function unless he or she plays the white man's game. Worse still, while the Black capitalist wants to think he

    functions on his own terms, he doesn't. He is always subject to the whims of the white capitalist.

    The riches of Black capitalism, and the limits of Black capitalism are set by the white power structure"

    [ Huey P. Newton in Ebony Magazine, 1 August, 1969, pg. 110 ].

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