1. I’ve always been curious why we get upset about a British black portraying an American. So British blacks are only supposed to portray British blacks? Africans are only supposed to portray Africans? This sounds suspiciously like reverse nativism. Restricting actors to their place of origin is pretty senseless. A British black is going to be called “nigger” the same way we are pretty much anywhere in the world. End of discussion.

  2. Why do they have a British African playing the role of a native Black. How insulting!? We have to many Native Blacks that would love to play the role. 100% correct! Did they change the narrative of Fred Hampton which was vetted by WS. #Shellise’s Point.

  3. I used to think I was against the Vernon Philosophy. Then, while watching my favorite VERY WHITE programs, I ask myself, “Would you like to see Black people in this?” and I immediately go, “No, ’cause they’d mess it up!”…..And so it goes….

    1. … and thats how it all began. It’s both that simple and yet not. But I so like that method, “Would I want to see Black people in this?” I remember folks being mad that Seinfeld was a show about NYC that had not world majority folks in it. I always liked that about the show. White folks often don’t see us or include us or want to. And fine! Plus, and I dare anyone to check me on this, there is only ONE world majority character to ever go on that show and not be in conflict with the main characters. So it was honest.

      1. It’s also why POC did not work on “Friends.” The creators-writers were smart enough to see that.

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