Renegade Culture · Post- Presidential Election, Black Liberals Matter, But Not The MassesWith Joe Biden on the verge of being the next President, there is Black joy amongst the Black liberal elite. Will this translate into a real agenda for the Black masses or just jobs for Black democrat leaders. Our guest Zakiya Sankara-Jabar, Jared Ball, and Diallo Kenyatta break down what this election means and doesn’t mean for Black material gain. A great discussion. Minister Server joins as co-host, Kalanji could not get his laundry done on time.

Guest performance by King Malachi
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Hosted by Kalonji Changa and Kamau Franklin
Produced by Naka “The Ear Dr”
Associate Producer-
David “Minister Server” Tavares
Recorded at Playback Studios in the Historic West End of Atlanta, Ga

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  1. I mainly agree w the over-all ‘consensus’ of the show’s 3 guests, that both the Repugs & particularly the Dims are woefully inadequate re serving & addressing the legit needs & concerns of Black & Brown people [actually all working-class / working-poor folks, even white ones], & they just as Biden’s done in 2020 [& Billary HRC did in 2016] expected Black voters’ loyalty to them while offering Black [& Brown] folks little if anything in return- Except that they were not Repug Trump.

    That being said, I must correct / fact-check something Bro Diallo said when he said there are / can be key differences between the Dims vs Repugs re the material conditions of Black people, which he gave as an example the moratorium in IL on the death-penalty; which [per Diallo] a Dim Gov of IL [Pat Quinn?] installed it, a Repug Gov [Bruce Rauner? who BTW was an advisor to ex Dim Chicago Mayor Rahmbo] then reversed it, & now another Dim Gov [JB.Pritzker? who’s a billion real-estate mogul] reinstated it. FYI: Bro Diallo’s younger than me & he said he’s lived in Chicago for the past 10 yrs- Well I was born & raised in Chicago. And the fact is the one who first installed the moratorium on the death-penalty in IL was ex GOP Gov George Ryan back in 2000. Dim Pat Quinn signed a bill into LAW in 2011 which was supposed to abolish the death-penalty in IL, which begs the question how could Quinn’s Repug successor [Rauner] just undo that LAW?! I know Repug Rauner could rescind his Dim predecessor’s [Quinn] executive-order re a death-penalty moratorium, but once it becomes official state LAW, it ain’t supposed to be easily undone / reversed.

  2. Maybe time didn’t allow for a brief discussion on Azania. It was the beautiful Cuba intervention/ internationalism on the battlefield that gave Azania & Namibia nominal liberation. Did I miss your review of the mini series Guerrilla on Showtime.

    1. I never saw it. And no, time didn’t permit and your points are well taken… the direction I was trying to go in. In other words, it wasn’t the US state who ended apartheid. Exactly.

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