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  1. Joe Biden’s cabinet picks: Restoring the ‘same old same old’, or better yet

    as the late world - renowned painter, Jean - Michel Basquiat's early graffiti

    logo would be tagged-- 'SAMO', short for 'same old shit'.

    Although progressives helped to put Biden in office, they somehow ignored his history of maintaining the status quo and U.S. hegemony. All of President – elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks

    are woefully inefficient, much like Obama’s, with ties to corporations and Wall Street. Don’t expect a commitment to fighting white supremacy and providing relief for working people.

    If Chief of Staff pick, Bruce Reed is appointed, anticipate the continuation of his role as a deficit hawk, favoring cuts in social Security and Medicare. These appointees will offer cosmetic changes,

    but not substantive change, as offered by the Congressional “Squad”: Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez of New York, IIhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts & Rashida Tlaib of


    ‘Oh say can you see’, corporations giving Biden and his crew a standing ovation for their continual obedience to their consultation and for being big money recipients. Sorry, Biden – Harris

    supporters, cronyism and capitalism will continue to reign supreme throughout the land.

    As the late Kwame Nkrumah would state: "If you practice capitalism, that's domestic colonialism".

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