is the film referenced by bin-Wahad: Inside The CIA – On Company Business (1980)

From the ReelBlack channel:

The Central intelligence Agency is the government’s most controversial branch-with a controversial mission to match. This clandestine mission to match. This clandestine organization” secret methods and undefined goals have been the topic of much speculation…until now! Inside the CIA: On Company Business is a long and penetrating look inside one of the world’s most powerful secret organizations. This long suppressed, award-winning tape shows you the CIA of today and its role in the political intrigues of the recent past.

The story of Larry Davis:

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  1. The live stream with Dhoruba was powerful. Dhoruba’s statement on voting & us not dying for same was gratifying. Good to hear from Mr. Porter, I always enjoyed his hosting Jazz & Justice. He hipped me to Dr.Gerald Horne years ago, for which I’m grateful. I’ll be listening to this livestream again. The next time you host Dhoruba again , please ask him to elaborate on Twymam Myers. I’ve heard him fleetingly mention Myers in the past. Wikipedia has scant information on this Brother. I appreciate your commitment & work. Thanks.

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