us for this live review and discussion of the new memoir Promised Land by Barack Obama. We also preview some of the seminal forthcoming work by Dr. Burroughs on Mumia Abu-Jamal. 


  1. I”Second That Emotion”, Mike Leonard.

    Dr. Ball’s emancipatory journalism’s spirit shines bright!

    "Give Light and People Will Find the Way": Ella Baker.

  2. “But I suppose the most revolutionary act one can engage in is… to tell the truth”: Howard Zinn.

    President Obama lionized in hindsight? Nothing new; We knew this as traditional American revisionism. A deeper perspective is supplied by Journalist, Aaron Ross Coleman:

    “As Americans, our collective desire to maintain a veneer of nationalistic piety tends to supersede our desire to tell the truth – and if the past is prologue, President Donald Trump will face no

    historical reckoning for his sprawling malfeasance. Over time and despite his gropes, tweets, and slurs, his lies, tantrums, and betrayals, his government shutdowns and immigrant cages, Trump

    will likely be remembered not as he was but as the dutiful head of state the nation needs him to be”. Will Obama escape this fate; Welcome to America!

  3. Hello, Dr. Ball.
    First and foremost, thank you for your ongoing excellent work. I’ve followed your site for a long time. Your output this year has been incredible- in quantity, quality, and variety. I just finished watching the discussion between you and Dr. Burroughs on Obama’s new book. It was thoroughly engaging. One note to add is that Mumia and Vittoria’s third volume is currently available via Having read the first two volumes, I am eagerly awaiting the finale. Sure enough, I saw it on their site this morning. As much as able, persons should purchase through that site to support and further the cause.
    Much respect and appreciation.
    Mike Leonard
    Burlington, VT

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