Bloomberg News interviewed me recently but again the same limitations imposed by a commercial press make any real coverage of the subjects related to Black business, income, wealth, or “buying power” nearly impossible. So, let’s clarify here what could not be there.


I did leave room for question regarding The Relevant Group supporting Killer Mike’s Greenwood Bank and for good reason: The group shown here is not the correct one which is apparently Black-owned. The only public information have found for that group so far is here:

Further, from Jupiter Hammon:

Dr. Ball you mention the wrong company which is an entirely different business entity. That TRG is white owned, based in California and primarily involved in commercial and residential real estate, not banking. Killer Mike is Georgia boy through and through. Everything he does with the exception of production with his European partner on Run the Jewels is going to center on Black ATL or Wakanda. As much as he plays for the “culture” and from the hood, he is the son of a cop and he rubbed shoulders with the children of Atlanta’s black elite at Frederick Douglass High School and briefly at Morehouse College. On the Georgia Corporations Division website, I found a direct link to the Georgia based Relevant Group LLC. This organization was founded in 2019 by Harvard and UTexas trained Atlanta lawyer Clinton E. Dye III the son of Dr. Clinton E. Dye, Jr. who is the retired CEO of the Atlanta Urban League and has deep ties to Andrew Young and Vernon Jordan and what I refer to as the “Atlanta Machine.” Clinton III, Andy’s son Andrew III aka “Bo”, and Killer Mike attended high school together. The CEO Ryan Glover is Bounce TV’s CEO which was founded by MLK III and the senior Andy Young. Ryan is also boys with former Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed. Both were at Howard U with Sean P-Diddy Combs. This is a money grab no different that Russell Simmon’s Rush Card. It’s a digital/mobile bank that deposits your money in other FDIC banks. And it is not clear if those brick and mortar banks will be Black.

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  1. If the concept is “Wealth” a specific term in this discussion is what Black people don’t have what term(s) describe what we should use and factually what should Black people do. I have down loaded the book but have not read it you can direct me to the part of the text which speaks to this. It seems that the logical conclusion of this avenue of thought is revolutionary change. A discussion maybe for the next generation which would be tasked with finding solutions as well as describing the phenomena.

    1. Please do read the book. Wealth absolutely has a specific meaning in economics, i simplify it to mean income earned from the labor of others. But definitely read the book and then come back with more specific questions, comments, or criticism. And yes, BTW, the logical conclusion you point to is logical indeed. lol!

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