Shockley will discuss his new show and his work in African-centered education. “February is Black History Month! For Black History Month this year, WHUT and PBS have a new show (hosted by Kmt Shockley and Kofi LeNiles). The show will feature some of the best minds in the community who will address real issues, offer real solutions, and raise consciousness. The show is called “The Movement: With Kmt and Kofi”. Begins Feb. 6, 2021. A few of our guests include Anthony Browder, Dr. Molefi Asante, Tariq Nasheed, Afiya Mbilishaka and DeRay McKesson. Please tune in! Please subscribe, watch the commercial/promo below, post it on your social media, and share with your friends and colleagues. Help us get the word out!”

See the classic debate discussed above between Kwame Ture and Dr. Molefi Asante HERE!

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  1. A certain segment of this discussion made me laugh, regarding persons of dubious reputations,and perhaps having double consciousness. It instantly reminded me of a character

    from the movie– “Uptown Saturday Night”,1974; wherein, a shifty Congressman [ Chesley Lincoln ] played by Roscoe Lee Brown; while running for re-election, Lincoln dresses and sets

    his office in a conservative manner to appeal to the white majority in order to keep his power. When informed that his guests are black, he immediately switches to an Afrocentric

    presence by putting on clothes with African fabric. Unfortunately, people of this ilk, actually exist in our communities.

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