Sut Jhally is Professor Emritus of Communication at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation (MEF). He is one of the world’s leading scholars looking at the role played by advertising and popular culture in the processes of social control and identity construction. The author of numerous books and articles on media(including The Codes of Advertising and Enlightened Racism) he is also an award-winning teacher (a recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award at the University of Massachusetts, where the student newspaper has also voted him “Best professor”). In addition, he has been awarded the Distinguished Outreach Award, and was selected to deliver a Distinguished Faculty Lecture in 2007. He is best known as the producer and director of a number of films and videos (including Dreamworlds: Desire/Sex/Power in Music Video; Tough Guise: Media, Violence and the Crisis of Masculinity; and Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire) that deal with issues ranging from gender, sexuality and race to commercialism, violence and politics. Born in Kenya, raised in England, educated in graduate studies in Canada, he currently lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.


The Occupation of the American Mind

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  1. Thank you both for a mind – blowing conversation, and kudos to Professor Sut Jhally for mentioning the connection between the police murder of George Floyd and the Jan. 6, 2021

    U.S.Capitol insurrection. they both corroborate author, Carol Anderson’s book – “White Rage”, wherein she states: “The trigger for white rage, inevitably, is black advancement.

    It is not the mere presence of black people that is the problem; rather, it is blackness with ambition, with drive, with purpose, with aspirations, and with demands for full and equal citizenship”.

    [ ‘White Rage’- Carol Anderson,Ph.D.;2016 ].

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