Dr. King Did Not Support #BuyBlack! And Other Assorted Buying Power Myths

Some of the latest news related to the mythology of Black buying power and an important “revelation” regarding MLK and more recently-made misinterpretations of his stance on Black business, economics, and specifically, calls to “Buy Black.”

“However much we pool our resources and “buy black,” this cannot create the multiplicity of new jobs and provide the number of low-cost houses that will lift the Negro out of the economic depression caused by centuries of deprivation. Neither can our resources supply quality integrated education. All of this requires billions of dollars which only an alliance of liberal-labor-civil-rights forces can stimulate. In short, the Negroes’ problem cannot be solved unless the whole of American society takes a new turn toward greater economic justice (emphasis added).” – Martin Luther King Jr.. Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? (p. 51). Kindle Edition.

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