The Lie of Black Capitalism, What I Missed In Colin In Black and White and Where is Our Black Social Theory?

ColinInBlackAndWhite #BlackLivesMatter #BlackCapitalism

Show Notes:

(0:50) #BlackLivesMatter and Black Capitalism’s Ignoble Alliance
(32:55) Dr. Nyasha Grayman and What I Missed in Colin In Black And White
(1:00:38) Yusef Bunchy Shakur and White Theories v. Black Bodies

Dr. Nyasha Grayman
Black Feminist Counseling Psychologist∙Wisdom Counseling Baltimore LLC∙Inquiring Mind∙Teacher∙Information Activist∙Gadfly Extraordinaire

Yusef Bunchy Shakur

Black Banking History and List of Black Owned Banks and Credit Unions

iMWiL! with Jared Ball – Colin In Black and White

Jared A. Ball, Ph.D. is a Professor of Africana and Communication at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. and is founder/curator of a multimedia hub of emancipatory journalism and revolutionary beat reporting. Ball is also author of The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power (Palgrave, 2020).

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