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Dr. Bobby Wright and the Role of Black Psychology

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Show Notes:
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Dr DeReef Jamison

Dr. Harold Pates

Yusef Bunchy Shakur

Jared A. Ball is a Professor of Communication and Africana Studies at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. and author of The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power (Palgrave, 2020). Ball is also host of the podcast “iMiXWHATiLiKE!”, co-founder of Black Power Media which can be found at BlackPowerMedia.org, and his decades of journalism, media, writing, and political work can be found at http://www.imixwhatilike.org

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Bobby Wright and the Role of Black Psychology

  1. It just occurred to me that I should mention 3 things: Reconnecting With Your Black Consciousness can be purchased at AuthorHouse, 800-839-8640, $20. It will be entering the Collection at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture on December 21st, 2021. And, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am that caught this quote from the late Reverend Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker:

    “Malcolm was more realistic in how to deal with White folks than Martin.”

  2. Bro. Dr. Jared Ball, I thought you might like to file in your deepest Afrikan mind what is in page 96 in Reconnecting With Your Black Consciousness by yours truly:
    “Black Power is the basic machinery of the universe.”

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