The Black Liberation Army and Class Struggle

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Beginning with a look back at the Black Liberation Army’s position on class struggle we also check in on recent presentations from and about political prisoners, review some of the work of Joe Biden’s latest “first Black” nominee to the Federal Reserve Board, Adolph Reed as Left Antagonist, and Dave Chappelle, class and the press.

(0:00) Intro, Superbowl, Prince is the GOAT
(17:39) Political Prisoners, Albert Woodfox, Dr. Joy James, The Left Forum Star-Fucking?
(59:31) Dave Chappelle Is Being Framed!
(1:06:46) Kwame Nkrumah and Kwame Ture Discussed with Dr. Michael Williams
(1:26:42) Adolph Reed and Class Reductionism
(1:44:52) Dr. Lisa D. Cook, Joe Biden’s latest nominee as the First Black Woman Economist on the Federal Reserve Board
(2:00:47) Black Liberation Army Study Guide on Class Struggle



The Black Liberation Army Study Guide

The Story of Kamau Sadiki

Revolution 7/13| George Jackson, Albert Woodfox, Paul Redd & Revolutionary Prison Writing and Praxis

Dr. Lisa D. Cook

How Would Black Economists Change Economics? | Lisa D. Cook

Adolph Reed: The Marxist Who Antagonizes Liberals and the Left

Jared A. Ball is a Professor of Communication and Africana Studies at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. and author of The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power (Palgrave, 2020). Ball is also host of the podcast “iMiXWHATiLiKE!”, co-founder of Black Power Media which can be found at, and his decades of journalism, media, writing, and political work can be found at

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